7 August 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Mumbai's 2nd Airport in Panvel - WHEN ?

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        I read the newspaper in the evening and got to know that there has been many people who had suffered because of the flood in Pakistan and China. Both of them are the enemy countries to India but still when we hear such type of horrible news, we can't resist ourselves and we start sympathizing for them. I am really shocked to hear that more than thousands of people had lost their life in the flood. Its so sad and so shocking. Hope the countries will recover as soon as possible. Also read about the Mumbai's second international airport. From last many weeks, there is a fight going on whether the airport should be built in Navi Mumbai keeping the requirement of a second airport in city or should the site be changed for the respective airport. 1 party says that it may cause a hazardous pollution in the city and environment will suffer a lot as many trees and plants are going to be chopped. While the other says that environmental issues are respected and this is the right time to construct the airport as if we will wait more, we will have to bear more environmental problems in coming years. They also add that today the flight keeps hovering up because of the less space at the Mumbai's Airport which causes pollution. So, even if airport is not built at Panvel, environment will suffer and even if it is built, the environment will suffer. So why not make it and then suffer? 

            A big and thoughtful issue to think and debate. If you'll ask me whats my choice about this, I would say that Airport should be made in Navi Mumbai. Recently, Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport of Mumbai is ranked 5th in the world as the best international airport. It is the matter of pride and enthusiasm. We should think more about this and developing ourselves. Everyone knows about the population of Mumbai and the demand we are going to ask in future. So, why not prepare for it right from today. Local trains currently consist of 9 coaches. But, it is decided some months ago that it will be increased to 12 coaches now. Because of this, all the platforms are re-innovated and hence, the double work is done. So, why not open our eyes and move our hands today itself? So, as the population of Mumbai is growing, the number of tourists for Mumbai is increasing, why not build a second airport as soon as possible? There is no second question in this issue. But the problem comes when there are many brains for brainstorming session and it adds to the disaster when all the brains are politician's brain.

               I remember last year when Rahul Gandhi came to Panvel, he promised Prashant Thakur that if he'll keep his work as wonderful as he is, then he will make him the minister of national level. Just after that, Prashant Thakur changed the outlook of whole Panvel. Everyday, I see some progress in Panvel. Everything is developing - right from big buildings to small gutters - everything is re-innovated. So, when Panvel is in progress to be one of the beautiful place in Mumbai, why not construct an airport when already a space is available and also the government has said YES to the order. I hope that the party supporting the airport wins the dispute and brawl and be successful in starting construction of airport. If it starts today, it will complete in 5 years. A long time but a U-Turn for Navi Mumbai. Lets hope for the best.



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