18 August 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

I Posted My 5000th Tweet on Twitter !!!!

            277th BLOG -->>

        Right now (Actually not right now, at 12 AM of 18th August), I posted my 5000th Tweet on one of the biggest social networking site - TWITTER . Twitter is normally known as the micro-blogging website. It allows you to post your words and thoughts in 140 characters. This helps the user to give the current update of the situation as soon as possible to all the followers those who are following him / her on the site. Twitter was launched in 2006 and today in 2010 if we will talk about it, we will only get to know that Twitter is the biggest craze amongst youngster, teenagers and even the parents those who ask their children to be away from Social networking sites. Twitter is the only site which is so user-friendly on mobile that anyone can access and handle it , let the person be net-savvy or not. Twitter is very easy to understand and this is the only site where you need not understand how to use it. You yourself comes to know about how to start and how to tweet.

             When Amitabh Bachchan started blogging, many actors and celebrities came in this world and started their blogs. All of them left it because of lack of time, lack of dedication, lack of thoughts, lack of followers, lack of publicity, lack of punctuality etc. Only Amitabh Bachchan managed to be updated on his blog and till today he had not left even a single day when he didn't blogged. I admire him a lot for this. Somewhere, even Aamir Khan has also maintained his reputation as a blogger. But all the other superstars as Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan etc left blogging and didn't even publicized it as they knew that what they write is unbearable for the readers to read. But Twitter changed all of them. All the stars when got the knowledge about Twitter that it is very easy to interact with fans here and gather the followers and talk to them and spread the words and messages to them, they joined twitter. After that, I think almost 90% of superstars are on twitter and can be seen Tweeting (many spell it twitting) on their Blackberry (which is in news now-a-days) and talking to their fans and telling about what soaps do they use for bathing or which movie did they saw recently or which friend did they met recently or what they ate few minutes ago or what they are currently planning. Many (I must say ALL) use it purposely to promote their films.

               So, Superstars got their place to talk to their fans and make them more friendly with their audiences. It is easy for me too to abuse all the stars when I hate them or their act. I have already abused Abhishek Bachchan, Raghu of Roadies and Critic Rajeev Masand and I got their replies too. It was so entertaining. I also got a kiss from Preity Zinta once. Not a big thing as Yuvraj Singh always got it even when their Punjab loosed in IPL. 

              I, as a blogger, used to wait all day to tell all my friends about what amazing and exciting happened with me in college or while traveling. But, when I saw that Twitter can make it possible for me to share all my routines here and make people know what excites me and what is making me happy at the moment, I joined it. This made me try something new in my BLOGS as I got chance to talk about something else than my routines as I talked about them on Twitter already for the whole day. So, Twitter is very essential for the bloggers who likes to share their daily routines with their friends on Blogs. So, rather than irritating the readers with bad grammar with a bad content, they can join twitter. Those interested in their lives will follow or will unfollow. A great Deal !!!

             I joined twitter on 4th October, 2009 (I have my birthday too on the same day. I don't know how both of them co-incidentally collided together). I am happy to finish my 5000 tweets before one year. I have tweeted the most amongst all my friends and I am happy about it. This is not something called achievement but it is something called dedication towards friends and making people know about me which is where I excelled and I am happy about it. I have 135 followers right now which is so much for me. 135 people read what I am doing and what I am saying. What more can I demand from God who is already busy in dithering the earth everyday. Today onwards, I have also started uploading pics on Twitter so that people can be more friendly by seeing the visual I am talking about. I never changed my Username on Twitter except once. I started it with WWW.TWITTER.COM/ABHILASHRUHELA but after that I fixed my Username permanently as WWW.TWITTER.COM/MUMBAI_BLOGGER. The reason of buying a QWERTY Nokia E63 was to tweet comfortably.

             I would like to recommend all the people reading this post to join Twitter as soon as possible because it is better than Orkut and Facebook. Try it once and see. I guarantee the entertainment.

       Else your wish.



ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU @Mumbai_blogger on Twitter.

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