11 August 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

I hosted Orientation Program (No, Not Really) !!!

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        So, I played the role of an anchor for the first time in my life. I had Prema as my partner who ruined the job of anchor after the lunch session. She distributed all our scripts among everyone. I apologized my pained feelings to forgive me as I recommended her as my partner. I have decided never to host any college program hence forward. The interruptions, the break of heart, the clashing of egos, the non germane distribution of sentences etc. etc. etc ruins your mind and thus makes you behave unkindly and harshly. I loved speaking in mike. I loved being confident on the stage and I loved watching juniors stare me while I was sharing my words with them about our chief guests. The job of anchor is interesting and so bizarre that no one would like to stop anchoring but for that you need the support of your partner. I didn't got it and when I complaint the same to her she said that I am behaving as a child. Whatever, I don't feel its my mistake but I do feel that there may be some selfish approach from my side too that I didn't wanted others to participate in the job of anchoring. Even, it was my first chance, I wanted to utilize it fully. So, I didn't wanted anybody else to interfere while I was performing and handling the mic but I selected them and they sued me only. :-(

              There were 3 speeches and I loved them. Mostly, the second one where one of our guests said us to draw any diagram on the paper and come on the stage and describe how have we related ourselves with the diagram and speak out. I, as usually, drew Pen and made everyone familiar with my passion of writing. Madam wished me luck for my future as a writer. Thank you mam. But, a boy who won everybody's heart was a junior from BCA course. I don't remember his name and not even his diagram but I do remember his description as he got the most number of claps and he got the optimum plaudit. He said that he wants to speak English but he can't as his grammar is not nice and his vocabulary is very weak. He said that whenever he sees everybody speaking in English he feels to speak in the same fluency but because he lacks he can just dream to speak English. He divulged and unbosomed this in front of everyone that he is weak in English. Everyone was moved to hear someone speaking of his weakness in front of all the new batch mates, all the new girls, all the seniors and teachers. It needs and stipulates a lot of courage to speak out your weakness infront of everyone. I can't do this anytime in my life and thus, I am very much impressed by this boy. He is great and one day, I am sure he is going to be the best English speaker amongst all his friends and people near in his vicinity. Good Luck, Champ !!!

             There is a junior boy who stammers. He has gained everybody's sympathy. Today, when madam said him to come on the front and speak about what his diagram is and what his dreams are. He came in confidence and said that he wants to be a CEO and he wants to manage a company and make his employees feel better and happy. I was choked to hear him. How can someone be so encouraging. People may feel that the child is abnormal but the real word for such human beings is "Special". This boy is special. He don't want the group of people around him who show solidarity towards him. He knows that everyone is not up to mark and everyone is not pertinent. Everyone is lacking. It was skeptical for me to witness such type of confidence and dreaming attitude. I bow to this guy. I want to tell him that even I stammer and I am totla also. I can't speak properly. After speaking 2 to 3 sentences, I start dithering and thus my voice gets mortified infront of everyone. I feel shy when someone asks me to repeat my sentence. It clearly shows that there is no immaculateness in my voice but I speak confidently because I don't want to let people know that I have problem with my voice. As I have been spurious and faked as a good speaker, I caught this job of anchor. So, my dear friend, if you want to hide this and prepare your voice, start reading newspaper in loud voice. I am sure you will start speaking better than how you speak today. I have witnessed the change and thus passing the method to you.



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Rohit said...

Hey Veeru,

Well done on your first anchoring experience! I remember I used to love debating and public speaking too, in good old college days...

You have quite rightly pointed out that people who are less than perfect do not deserve sympathy, instead they should employ techniques to overcome their deficiencies.

A perfect case in point is you Abhilash! The wonderful writing skills coupled with the wonderful wit and grit make for a fab writer in you.

Good luck and keep blogging!

Your bhai,


Writing Buddha said...

Oh Wow.. I am so happy to receive a comment from you.. Like you bhaai, even I love debating and public speaking but the problem is there is no one to debate. Hahaha.. Everyone in my class is so dull and lull that they dont participate in anything..Only 1 boy does and he is so out-of-world that he dont participate in any program..

And bhaai thanks for believing on a writer in me.. Hope I'll make all your words true someday. I am working a hard on it. results should come soon. I am also waiting for it ....

Thanks bhaai.. Keep reading and keep giving your feedbacks..

Sujata Tawde said...



In today's blog u have outclassed yourself . First by being the confident host
of d orientation programme and most importantly by praising the juniors.

Believe me , it's very hard to praise the others so warmly and genuinely.
Ur blog proves that u r a good writer and a better human being.

Everybody loves to receive the compliments but there are very few kindhearted
boys like u , who compliment others for their achievements ,qualities and

Convey my best regards to your mother n father . They have raised u with the
best of 'sanskars'

sujata tawde,

Writing Buddha said...

Hey mam,
Its good to hear such kind words from you. I am happy that my yesterday's blog got such remarkable comment from you.. I am so happy about it.. I will pakka convey ur regards to my parents..Sure..pakka.. I am so happy to make you happy with my blog. U r also great bcoz u keep on praising me everytime my words touches your heart...Thanks a lot..I ll always keep writing to make u happy...and u keep on commenting it..

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