9 August 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

FICTION - Autobiography of a Leh's Cloudburst Victim !!!

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        I saw the movie - 2012 some 8 months ago in the theater. I was moved by the film and thought of how disasters really look like. I was depressed after watching the movie. I always had a dream to see the spot where Twin Towers used to stand a decade ago which was sabotaged by Mr.  Laden. I got a chance to go to America on 3rd August,2010 and I happily went there. I reached there on 4th August and thought of visiting the place where Twin Towers used to stand in pride. I asked the cab waala to drop me there. He dropped me there and I took all the possible photographs of the place. The place is under construction. I met a police officer there and asked him about the live situation of the place when this happened. He told me everything and I was able to see his eyes filled with tears. He lost his daughter in the accident who went in the building with one of the colleague to see how exactly the world looks from the topmost floor of such a tall building. I was moved to hear him. I quietly left the place and went into the hotel and started thinking about how come these type of things happens with people. 

             I always thought that these things can never happen with me and my family. These terrorist attacks, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes can never happen in the areas near to me and thus I will never be a victim of such accidents and natural disasters. Then, the next day, on 5th August, I missed my sister who was to be married soon and I thought of returning India again and give her a surprise. I booked the ticket for the night 12 AM and visited all the left places in USA. In night, I caught my flight at the right time and kept smiling as I bought gifts for my parents, my sister and my neighbors too. I reached Delhi at 5 PM on 6th August. I visited my friend's house and he told me that he is going somewhere for an important work and thus asked me to watch television till then. He went away and as soon as I turned on the news channel I saw that Leh in Kashmir had been a victim of a major cloudburst because of which more than 100 people had died and more than 500 peoples are missing. I was shocked. I jumped out from my bed. Leh - Leh is the place in Jammu - Kashmir where I live. Leh is the place where I was born. I was always proud to be born in Leh as it was a loving district with beautiful peoples around. I started weeping and shouting in helplessness. 

            I thought of my family and called them but to my surprise and innocence, the phone was said as it is not in the coverage area. I shouted " Damn BSNL." Then I saw the channel again and read the breaking news that all the BSNL services are unavailable in the district as the instrument has flown in the water. I booked the plane and reached Jammu today. I booked a cab and reached the street near to my place. Everything was damaged. The cyber where I used to sit with my friends, the ground was invisible in the water where I used to play cricket with my friends, the shop was flattened from where I used to buy chewing gums daily. My school were I studied till my 10th std was a history now. I started pulling my hairs and my heart was beating faster in fear to see all these damage and lost world. My legs were shivering to move towards the building where I used to live. I didn't wanted to see the unexpected visuals there. My friends who lived in the district adjacent to Leh were present there and they saw me, came to me and without sharing a word, they took me to a camp-like place. I saw some dead bodies covered with white bedsheets there. I got some intimations but I didn't wanted to make them proved.

             My friends held my hand and took me to 5 bodies and opened all the faces one-by-one. I sat down and started weeping and vociferating like anything. I saw my father - 55 years old man who dreamed of opening a shop after his retirement, I saw my mother who was so happy to see her daughter getting married next week, I saw my sister who cried many a times holding me because she was about to leave me, I saw my big brother who was proud to be a soldier from India's side and I also saw my cute little brother with whom I shared all my chocolates and all my games. I was left alone in the world. Not even Allah was with me. If he would have been with me, he would not have damaged the Masjid where I used to meet him daily for 5 times. Whenever I went for a Namaaz I always prayed for my family's good life and health and today when they are no more in this world with me, I would like to request Allah to immune them and not punish them for their wrong deeds and send them to Jannat. 

             I am sad to write this incident today in my personal diary and I'll always pray for my family wherever they are. It is 12 AM right now, dark everywhere in Kashmir and I am looking at the stars and finding my parents and brothers-sisters somewhere in the sky. Hope, I'll find them soon. Sometimes, Osama Bin Laden destroys the world, sometimes Kasab, sometimes Lashkar, sometimes Sadhvi Pragya, sometimes Raj Thackeray and sometimes even God plays with the human's life. I can now understand the pain of that police officer who lost his daughter in the terror caused by Osama's wrong play. I can relate myself very well with him. Today, I am closing this diary with the biggest pain of my life and I am throwing this diary in this flood's river because I don't want to write my diary anymore as nobody is with me whom I loved the most. ALLAH - PLEASE BLESS THEM WITH JANNAT AND LOVE THEM AS MUCH AS YOU CAN !!! Everyone, plz pray for all the 145 people who lost their life in this cloudburst attack. May their soul rest in Peace !!! KHUDA HAFIZ !!!

              Friends, this is a fictional post I wrote as an autobiography of a victim of Leh after watching the news of disaster in Leh district of Jammu- Kashmir. I am praying for all the 145 people's soul who lost their lives and keeping my fingers crossed for the 500 who are missing. God, in whatever form, bless the Leh and its people.

  With Shocked and Sad Expression,


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