16 August 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Happy Belated 63rd Independence Day !!!

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India's FLAG !!!
        Sorry friends for being late on my blog. I am helpless about this. I was and I am in fever. I was unable to get up from my bed and do any task because of which blogging became so hard for me. I am so sad that I was unable to post my views about Independence Day yesterday when every member of youngistaan did it yesterday through their Facebook updates or blogs or SMS. I did nothing and I want to apologize my Mother Earth for this. So, I don't think that a mother can keep her son away from the second chance of any good thing. So if not yesterday why not today? So, may be not with the bottom of my heart but still I can write about my views and thoughts about this Independence Day.

            We, Indians have completed 63 years of Independence. Many media channels are showing as 64 years which is totally wrong. 63 years back, in 1947, some good leaders, some audacious Indians, some selfless and brave human beings won their battle against the White Britishers who ruled us for some more than 90 years(I don't know the exact years). Today, we Indians feel ourselves proud of being free and not in someone's domination and authority. We should be proud of this. Today we have a government which we select but still we curse them and say that politicians are ruling our India and ruining it. This is wrong. Rather than thinking about what politicians are doing, we should analyze what are we doing for our country? Nothing. So we are no one to accuse anyone. We should keep quiet and analyze ourselves. You may find me little rude here but truth is veracious and I don't want to write sweet words and be infidel for many those who believe me that I am acting truthful on my blogs and my writings.

            But, whatever, we are one of the developing countries of this world. Many countries are such that no one knows their name and when suddenly it comes into light, we start searching for it on Google and try finding out where does it really lies on our Earth. Right? At least our country is known in the world and not for any terror-creating nation or any bad remark. We are known as one of the nations who is slogging a lot and is one of the developing countries. We should be proud of this. The next World Cup-Cricket and Commonwealth Games will be hosted by India. Again a moment of pride. We won the Asia Cup recently, we won the Kabaddi championship. Again a matter of pride. Our Sachin Tendulkar has created several records in this 1 year. The biggest pride moment. Asha Bhosale selected in Top 20 Music Icon of the world which again makes us proud. Saina Nehwal has won several titles in last few years making us the champions in Badminton too. Vishwanathan Anand won the chess championship again proving we, Indians are truly good sportsperson. 

             America's President - Obama recently said that Indians are dominating their IT sectors. We, Indians have recently got our own symbol for our currency. Many countries are approaching Indians for recruiting them in their countries for the jobs. Our National Anthem was recently prized as the best anthem in the world. The most watched sport tournament in the world is IPL which is hosted by India and managed by India. The best CV of the world is said to be of our Prime Minister - Shri Manmohan Singh. Again a matter of pride. Our Mumbai's airport - Chchatrapati Shivaji Airport is ranked 5th best airport in the world. Taj Mahal is the 1st wonder of the world which stands in India. We, Indians have no limits and no barrier can stop us from growing. We can create excellence if we try and if we effort. On this 63rd Independence day, rather than pulling the legs of our own country by pointing out our weak points, we should peer positively and we can find many facts where our country is good and lovely. I love my country and I always love it. Go to any country but the culture and tradition of India is the best and heart-touching. 

             I LOVE INDIA..



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