8 August 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

DID Little Master Ends / Failure Doesn't Exists !!!

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        One more TV show came to an end. The Zee TV's Dance India Dance Little Masters started 2.5 months ago and from till then it kept engaging viewers and lovers of dance attached with the show. I followed the show right from its audition episodes. Recently, the competitor of this show on colors - Chak Dhoom Dhoom ended with a nice finale. The final result of the show wasn't a major voice of the people and thus, it shocked everyone. I had a fear that the same would happen today with Dance India Dance's result but to my expectations, it was a fair result. The title of the Best Dancer went to JeetuMoni - the boy who always made everyone crazy about him - either for his dancing or for his non-understandable voice, his singing or his jokes or his innocence. he always won the audience's heart. The runner-up position was bagged by Atul. 2nd Runner-up by Vaishnavi - the only girl contestant who reached till finals. The 3rd runner-up position was bagged by Manoj - a boy who used to live on the streets but his talent was much longer than the street he lived in. 

             It was an Ok-Ok Finale episode. It happens rarely that Grand Finale of any show rocks. The creative team develops new ways of showcasing their grand finales of big shows. But their over-planning makes the Grand Finale's episode a big shock to the viewers. People keep watching it as they don't want to miss any dance step and the result for which they kept watching the show from 2 to 3 months. I am happy that at least today Mithun Da didn't bored us and audiences by repeating his same words KYA BAAT KYA BAAT KYA BAAT !!! again and again. 

            I was upset to see the loosed candidates crying. The failure mostly defines you that you aren't capable of doing what you have attempted but for some rare gems, the failure means an experience which changes their life forever and make it a successful one. There are many examples who didn't won any big in their life but later on they came to be known as the master of their field. Abraham Lincoln loosed the elections for 29 times and then he won it. Once, Madhuri Dikshit was hurled out of a Dance Competition in her school and see today, she is still known as the best dancer in bollywood even when she had left the industry a decade ago. So, there is nothing to be upset if you haven't won. Why doesn't people take it positively that they have reached till here, what if they would have been rejected in the auditions itself? I know nobody wants to compromise with their talents but still people should learn being underdogs and lackadaisical. Its not every time that the best man wins. 

             There are many blogs which I write with whole dedication and passion. But when it gets rejected, I don't get solaced, I start thinking for the next one and attempt another, again if I am disliked, I keep on trying till the time I get the best comments of my life. If I would have loosed my confidence and trust on myself, I would not have wrote a blog daily. Same, I would like to preach to all the small children who have participated in the show and are going to take part in any competition in future. Failure and losing doesn't means that you are incapable of performing the particular thing. It only means that still there are many people who are better than you, you will have to work more. So, just after that start working more to be the best in your field and your area. Sachin is the example who never lose trust he has on himself. He keeps playing even after hundreds of critics writing about him. I have always admired him and followed him. He is the best cricket player the world can ever get. So, follow such great peoples, at least you will reach 10% of their success.

              So, everyone who is participating in any type of contests and competitions, just think positively and hope for the best and be ready for the worst.



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