29 August 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Lovers Should Be Ignored !!!

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I hate Lovers
        Yesterday I had a chat with my friend and he asked me why do I hate him love his girl. This has always been my problem or specialty that if I consider someone as my best friend or good friend, I want him to be away from running behind girls madly. The day I see that my friend got a girlfriend and he is almost busy with her every hour of a day, I try to part my ways from him. It had already happened with me with one of my friend of Nashik. He was a good and sincere boy but when he formed a good friendship with a girl he kept messaging and texting her, talking to her on mobile and just kept running behind her. He used to walk with me but when he used to get in reply from her that she is standing at Bus stand, he used to ask me to leave and used to run behind her so that he can go in the same bus with her. It was quite snubbing for me. I can't bear so much insolent. Same is happening now-a-days with one of my childhood friend. He is a good friend and he will always remain but he got committed with someone and now he has no sense about with whom he is, who is around him and what's the time. He only knows one thing that when and how to talk to his girlfriend. He does the same thing even when I am sitting alone with him and I want to talk something important with him. He don't care because he cares about something else.

              What I feel about lovers is that they loose their senses when they get an opposite sex amicable with them. They don't even think that they have some respect or they should keep their respect in front of their friends and classmates. I remember a time when I used to do useless craps and everyone used to smile and laugh at me whenever they saw me walking on streets or returning from tuition. I owed to myself that time ki the day I will leave this place, I'll never repeat such stuffs in front of my new friends and I did the same. I never did any foolish activities amongst my new friends. Now, even I respect my self and I know that if I am walking with a straight head in the campus or college no one is going to laugh at me and no one is going to comment something insolent so that I'll have to hide my face and control my emotions. This is what I want this lovers to be like.

           These lovers keep talking on the mobile phone with their girlfriends for hours and hours incessantly. Sometimes they hide themselves inside the bedsheets and talk, sometimes they are openly in garden, sometimes on streets and whatever place they get to talk. They think themselves as very smart and genius and think that the elders and uncle-aunty knows nothing. They are fool. Everyone when sees a young boy or a girl talking on mobile phone for hours and hours understands that they are engaged with someone and playing with their life. After this, that uncle and aunty stops respecting you even if you are scholar in studies. Same happens with their friends, when they see that their friend is ignoring them and giving importance to a girl more than them, they stop showing every type of concerns for that guy. But they get so blind in love or infatuation that they are unable to feel the isolation they face.

            What I want to tell these kind of lovers is that rather than making your partner happy with beautiful talks and numerous recharges , try to think something about yourself and your admirers who are expecting a lot from you. Rather than talking on phone and wasting your time, try to observe Sachin Tendulkar, Chetan Bhagat and other people who have achieved the success and fame in the society. Try to be one like them and achieve something. Not only that bloody girl but the whole society and whole nation will love you. The world is so competitive today. Why don't these lovers think about this? Why are they lost in their dreams about their gfs and their beauty? Why don't they think that life is not so easy to achieve dreams and fulfill them? Today, for every course we study or for every field we want to excel it, there are numbers of Indian in the field who are running with you and there are many who are ahead of you. Why do they don't plan about how to overtake everyone and be the winner. This age is to achieve the dream and not to waste time on love. You will get a wife after 7 to 10 years. Then love her till your last breathe but before it, now, study or gain which will accelerate your life's status and make you an inspiration from others. 

             This is all what I wanted to tell my friends those who are madly in love with their partners. Think about your life now and then think about the girls you want to have in your life. Hope you have brain to think upon this. 


Your well wisher,

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