27 August 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Facebook - Twitter - Orkut ??

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        So today while browsing the articles and versatile news in the newspaper, I found the best article on Page 1 itself. It said - Facebook overtakes Orkut in India and it has shown growth of 117%. Wow !!! When it comes to the race of social networking sites, everyone gets excited and starts brainstorming. Everyone has a choice and everyone has a view. Even I have my own perception. Last year, I read in the newspaper that Twitter is going to be a new craze on WWW. I laughed at that moment because I felt that what does twitter have that it may seem crazy among people. 140 characters of space which is also available with Orkut and Facebook, why will people come and sign in into twitter? What will they get to update specially on Twitter about what's happening with them? But I was wrong. Twitter is obviously a new craze now after the one year of the article I read.

             I remember the time when Orkut came into vibration among teenager's nerves and it caught everyone firmly. I remember how my friends and I used to sit for 5 to 7 hours daily on Orkut. The quest to increase our number of scraps, the quest of initiating a friendship request to a stranger girl, the quest of searching our first crush etc etc etc. Everything was heaven when it came to Orkut contemporary. But no one knew that the colors of Orkut will fade in few years. After Orkut came Facebook. Everyone felt Facebook quite tough and user-unfriendly in the start but later on when people came to knew the real strength of Facebook, people went gaga over it. The Status updates were the new charm this time. There was no scrapbook this time. This time the quest was to increase the number of comments on your status updates. This seemed to be very interesting. Everyone started thinking about what to update which may block the friend's eye and they will be forced to comment something on our words. Facebook also provided Applications which consisted of different quizzes, games and statistics. Farmville, Mafia Wars and other games are the best inventions by Facebook (but I hate them). 

             After the Facebook came Twitter. Twitter provided something innovative which no one thought may be so friendly and plaudit deserving. Facebook didn't went out of market but Twitter found it space in the market too and it flooded quickly amongst the teenagers and professionals too. Twitter provided 140 character space to update the status and tell the people about what's happening with them. This made people excited to tell people about their every minute's detail. Where they are, with whom they are, what are they doing, when are they going to tweet again etc etc etc. Twitter was so easy to handle that it bought almost all the celebrities on Twitter. Now they connect to their fans easily and can know directly about what do people think about them. Here, in the case of twitter, there was no approval for the person who wants to add you and read your updates and know about you. They changed the friend list into followers. Whoever loved the tweet of another person, just click on a follow button which makes the tweet of the person available on our home page. Wow !!!

             So, as I was saying about my perception, I can predict easily that Twitter is going to overcome Facebook very soon in India and world too. Facebook will be there in market but Twitter will conquer its area of loopy-ness. Let's wait and watch.



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Vinayak said...

Hmm... I think that FB will retain its position as the biggest social networking sites as it has so many features.... I think that Orkut should be next to facebook.
The post is nicely written
good work

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u Vini...but Twitter will also grow in parallel with facebook..

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