10 August 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Happy Birthday - Suresh, Raman, Rahul & Swapnil !!!

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        I would say its a great day for me. Not only great but a day when I wish many people for their long life and a great success in their life ahead. I am always concerned for the birthdays of my dear friends. Today, on 10th August, I have 6 friends who celebrate their birthday. It is so delighting to wish them all but with that, the balance and money is also spent lavishly and redundantly. Birthday is the day when you expect a lot from your friends and your relatives. When you get number of calls, you are directly proportional happy with respect to it. I never miss a chance to wish people their birthday on phone calls because I know that each and every call makes the birthday special. Even a single SMS gives a huge pleasure that people remember the day when you are excited and happy about. 

            I would like to wish Suresh, Rahul bhai, Raman bhai, Swapnil Jain, Gaurav Vajratkar & Mrunmayee Dabholkar. Many many happy returns of the day to all of you. Live a long and happy life ahead. May god bless you with all the success and desire you are waiting to achieve. I pray with all my hearts for you on your birthday.

            Talking about Swapnil Jain - He is my new online friend. Generally, I don't talk much about my online friends but this boy has always been kind and sweet to me. He is a poet by heart and his poems are filled with feelings and experiences. I have read 3 to 4 poems from him and I love relating them with my life. Great Job Swapnil. Hope you will be a poet someday. 

            Rahul bhai - I was with him in Aurangabad. He supported me in my time of illness. He always gave me company when I was lonely and fighting with my personal problems. He shared all his personal stories and activities with me. He is a gentleman. Currently, in the process to be a Great Intelligence Officer ahead. He had cleared his MPSC exams last year and from last one year he is under a training. Hope, he will be a successful government employer in near future. Bhaai, I wish you all the success and achievements in future.

Raman Chauhan
            Raman Bhai is one year senior to me as he is in 3rd Year - BCA. I didn't had much conversation with him formerly but recently I had many conversations with him. I should clearly say that I have a conversation daily with him. I don't know much about him but I have analyzed something about him, he has two faces - One in real life and one in online life. He talks with me in different way on internet and in a different way in real life. I have not interacted very closely with him but I am impressed with his energy level. I have seen him during rehearsals of our fest in last SEM. He used to rehearse for the whole day without any rest and he performed 2 or 3 dance styles on stage which is really commendable and achievable. Raman bhai, hope for your good success ahead. You are my senior hence I would like you to achieve all the milestones in IT Field. Thanks a lot for being a co-operative senior. 

             Now, I am coming to my childhood friend and a special friend - Suresh. Suresh has always been cool and calm to me. I don't remember that we had any fight recently or anytime in our childhood. I remember it were my board exams last year. Everyone in my colony and in my contacts knew that I am struggling with illness and bad physical conditions but no one cared for me as much as Suresh did. He used to talk to me every night at 2 AM and ask me whether I have completed my portion or not. If I used to reply negatively, he used to motivate me and enhance my courage to give the boards the next day. He acted like a big brother then. He had always been supportive in every step I take in my life. Suresh is a good student, a good son and a good brother. Obviously, he is a good friend yaar. Suresh, anytime in my life, if I'll be sharing about my board times and the immense pressure I was going through, your name will surely come in the story of a depressed boy to a performer personality. You have a big hand and thus you have been one of the few catalysts in my life. I owe my success even to you too. Thanks a lot for being so supportive and so dearie. Hope you enjoy your 21st birthday today with all the happiness and beauty of this world. 

             Friends, wish all my friends a very very happy birthday and make their birthdays more special. 

          THANKING YOU.


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