6 August 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Controversial - For Some Of My Stupid Classmates !!!

            267th BLOG -->>

        A BLOG, A WORD, A STATEMENT - Anything can trap you. I fear writing but I love writing. I confess but I do what I witness. I speak because I experience. I love because I don't like hating. Many leave me, many abuse me, many demotivate me. I don't care. I love the attitude people have for reading. They are a good reader. The sign of a good readership can be seen because of their talent of finding small mistakes from the big pile of accuracy. I don't know why am I saying all this today but the problem is that everytime I receive a mail about a comment on my blog -I fear about an anonymous showing me my Aukaat. By the way, truth is - he doesn't have aukaat to show me any kind of truth as he himself is fearing to divulge his name, so I don't care but still it takes some time to get into the real position after getting a criticized comment. Whatever, hoping for the good comments in near future like I got three of them today. I created an event on Facebook about my readers to attend my 300th blog post which will be coming next month. 20 have accepted the invitation to be present on the 300th blog post with a comment while 7 said that they might attend but they aren't confirmed. Some 13 people have declined too. Its OK. I can do nothing of them. They have their own choice. It may be that they would be hating me or my blogs. Its OK because there is no person in this world who don't have criticizers. Not Sachin, Not Bachchan, Not Obama and Not even GOD. So, I am happy with these 27 who are loving me and my blogs. Thanks to them.

             A group of boys in my class hates me and my kind-of-attitude. I don't know why people don't have the approach of clarifying the doubts and wrong perceptions they have in their mind. Somebody goes and poke them about me, they believe it and they start reacting. God please help them to get well soon. One of them was going to canteen today or somewhere else, while going he said me," Tell Zaheer Sir that we are going to canteen." Now, he said this because yesterday he was absent and thus someone in the class told that they were in canteen but he thinks that it is me who told this to Sir. He didn't felt the necessity to clarify the same because he is a dumb child and thus he felt it right to react. One amongst them had abused me while I wasn't concentrating on him. One said that "these peoples have a lot of problem". He was targeting at me and he thought that I'll react. He doesn't know that the witty people and intelligent people are calm and silent. Stupid people keep brawling and shouting. Wise people keep listening and bearing. I am one of them, I think so after comparing myself to him. 

             One of my friend who had joined this group had approached me for a friendship this week as we weren't in the talking term from last many months. I was so happy to see him come back and be my friend again but today, witnessing these g**nd*s made me mad again. Why do they interfere in other people's life. Aren't they satisfied with their life and their journey. If they are, then why do they poke in my life? The same group of boys have 2 good peoples while the same group has 4 useless craps. Its so hard to bear them as they interfere unnecessarily. Right now, they don't know that I am hosting the orientation programme, if they will come to know about this, they will start passing their weird and absurd comments on me and my abilities. They themselves can't handle their mouth and expression, but they are interested in what other is uttering and vociferating. They become interlocutors without your permission in your conversation and then you have to bear such craps. I can't do anything of them. Only thing I can do is - BEAR THEM FOR NEXT 2 YEARS till my graduation gets over. They may think the same for me , but who cares? I don't. I want to ignore them but I wanted to tell everyone that how people target you for the crime you never committed. These people will not even get a Hell to live after death. God will be constructing a SUPER HELL for them after seeing what kind of creatures these beautiful lives have become after landing on earth. Sorry God. I am saying this on their behalf.

            Thanks. Signing off with a frustration and disruption.


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mast reee

Writing Buddha said...

1.5 saal firse padha isey bcoz someone commented on it. Kuch yjaada hi khunnas nikaal di. By d way, aap kaun hain sir?

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