23 August 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

I am back to Blogging !!!

            278th BLOG -->>

        So I am back. I know you may be very angry that I left you without any intimation but I had no other option. I want to apologize to all my dear readers who waited a lot for my next post and I failed to provide it to you. I was sick. Damn. I don't know why am I always sick but I don't have any control over it. And the worst was that even my father was sick with me so he was on leave. This made blogging more impossible than before and thus I didn't gathered courage to ask him for a 1 hour grant so that I can write blogs. If I would have written blogs in front of him, he would have asked and compelled me to study and would have accused me of fooling him as I am sick to pass my time without studying. So, I kept quiet. 

             A tragedy too took place during these illness period as my blog page got corrupt. The whole page was disturbed because of the developer of the template. He removed all the pictures from the template which made it so confusing that I, the owner of the blog myself didn't understood about what the page consisted of. From last two days, I am managing my page and here it is, the new outlook of my blog page. Hope you liked it. Hope it is better than the one I had before this. You can tell me what do you feel by commenting on my post.

             From tomorrow my Unit Test is going to begin. I don't know what made my college keep such a test but I know one thing about my approach towards this test i.e. I don't know the name of the subject I have to give exam for tomorrow. I am hoping my neighbors in the exam hall to help me from start of the exam till its end. I remember the last time when we had unit test. I and Arya planned to leave all the paper blank and move out of the examination hall in 5 minutes. It was so fun to do this. I am hoping that something similar will happen tomorrow. But I am least confident as I know the classmates I have with me have no daring to pick up the sword and move ahead for a fight. Lets see what happens tomorrow.

            I am so pissed off as my Facebook is also working in lull state. The chat application of the site is not working because of which I am unable to chat with my friends. One girl I met through Orkut is troubling me day and night and calling me. I have no problem to talk with her but the problem is that she calls when my parents are near to me. I don't know why does she don't understand that I am unable to pick up her call. Damn !!! 

            The mosquitoes on the other hand is troubling badly here in Panvel where I live. Most of the areas in Panvel are under-construction which gives birth to the migration of mosquitoes from different areas to Panvel. This leads to the diseases like Malaria and Dengue. I have been infected of viral fever. It is caused by the virus which enters the body. So many useless creatures are living on the earth. I don't know why. Hell !!!

           Friends, I am apologizing you if you felt this blog as a stupid one. Actually being away from blogs has made me unaware of what to write. I am feeling as I have started blogging just from today. Hope I'll come in form till tomorrow. Hope !!!



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