12 August 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Happy Ramzaan To All My Islamic Friends !!!

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Ramzaan Mubarak To Everyone !!!
        I am early today on my blog because I wanted to share this important thing with you all. The Ramzaan of Islamic followers has started from today. The days when all the Muslims worldwide pray to their God, keep fasts, read the whole Quran and live a speckless life. Ramazaan is the ninth month in the Islamic Calendar. This month is important for the Muslims as they believe that their religious book- QURAN's first verses were revealed in this month itself.  The word Ramzaan is derived from the word in Arabic. The main purpose of Ramzaan is to make Islamic followers to keep fasts which indicates that they are concerned for their God and their patience, humility and spirituality. The word Ramzaan in Arabic means the Intense heat. I don't know what's the connection of this word with fasting bt I love this month and I love the dedication of Islam followers who prays their God in much immaculateness as possible. 

             In the month of Ramzaan, the Muslims pray their God and ask forgiveness for past committed sins, pray for guidance and right direction so that they can live their future life in the right and appropriate way. They pray to purify themselves through self-restraints and good deeds. Muslim keeps fasting from Sunrise to Sunset. In these hours of fasting, the followers can't have any sexual interaction, can't eat anything(by chance if they eat, they can spit it out) and can't even drink. They can't use fowl languages and can't be violent with someone. This 9 months prove all the followers that how much are they dedicated to their God and religion. I have never heard from a single Muslim of my friends that Ramzaan is annoying and amusing them. The Muslims can't even drink while their fasting hours. Its an immense dedication and patience. I love this part of Muslims.

           I remember the days when I was living in hostel in 2006 during the month of Ramzaan with all the Muslims. They used to go for namaaz 5 times a day. They used to greet everyone numerous times in a day - Salaam Walaikum after reading their namaaz. I also remember how I went with them in a Masjid and sat there to wait for the time when the Masjid will indicate the sunset and the break of fast. As soon as we heard the voice,we used to recite the words - BISMILLAH and start eating. It was so religious and so true that it made me feel calm that day. There are many women who are pregnant, suffering with menstrual periods and are sick, they are allowed to skip the Rozas as they are not in the condition to do the same. The small children are also allowed to leave it as they are young enough to understand what Islam and Rozas is. 

             The Ramzaan starts according to the movement of moon and ends with the same. The day when it ends is known as Eid. The biggest festival of Islam and Muslims. I want to wish every Muslim a very hearty Ramzaan. Hope all of you will be successful in maintaining all the rules and regulations of Rozas and Ramzaan. Hope all of you will pass the test by Allah. I would like to wish all my Islamic friends a very Happy Ramzaan. Specially, Yusuf, Shoaeb, Yasir, Vasim, Zaheer, Mohsin, Rehan, Rameez, Nasser, Sohail, Saquib, Danish, Umera, Rabea, Fahad, Salman, Nowman, Nihal, Abrar and many more whom I can't remember right now. I am wishing you all the happiness in this month of Ramzaan. I also want to request all of you to remember me in your Duaas and also request Allah to bless all of us with peace and keep some people brains so that they stop the violence they are creating. Hope you will pray this on my behalf.

            I want to apologize all the Islamic followers and Muslims in this world if I have given some wrong information about Ramzaan and Islam. 



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Salman said...

Thank You Very Much Ma Friend................... Ramadan Mubarak To All.. N May This Sacred Month Bring Peace,Joy,Happiness And Success To All!!!!

Writing Buddha said...

thanks Salman....and same 2 ur family

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