11 August 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My friend - Rohit's 21st Birthday !!!

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        I had my orientation program's first day today. It was a delightful experience to hear good speeches by some of our guests. Tomorrow, we will be having our 2nd and last day of the Orientation which will go from 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening. At least, these informative lectures are better than the lectures we sit in the class. Not every lecture in our class is so boring but still some of them sucks all the patience the brain has. I am little upset because of the miss of lectures I have to do to attend and help teachers for orientation program. I am not attending any lectures from Monday and I am not going to attend them even tomorrow. I am the host for tomorrow's orientation program. I am hoping a wonderful hosting from my side. Prema is my partner. Hope both of us do a nice and attractive job. I am a bit nervous but much confident of myself. Only problem is my throat infection which is not letting me throw my voice with all the power. Hope, God will treat it till tomorrow before 10 i.e. before the beginning of orientation program. Friends and Readers, this is my first experience as a host so I would like all of you to bless me with all the luck and wishes.

             I am suffering with throat infection as I have already shared it with you but still I am on blog and writing it with dedication because of a reason. My body is not allowing me to write as I am also suffering with shoulder and back pain. How much am I suffering but still I am present here. Its my childhood friend - Rohit 's birthday. He has turned 21 years old now. Wow. Its so delightful to witness that we were so small few years ago and today we have landed in our 20's and we don't even realize the movement of time. How fast the time has past. How fast have we grown up. How fast have we got busy in our lives. How fast have we started minding our responsibilities. Its so good to see our grown-up friends being responsible and careful. Rohit is the first friend of my life as far as I can remember. He was also my best friend and he still is. He is just a miscall away whenever I need him. Rohit has always kept trust on me and vice-versa. Thus, this is the main reason why both of us are still together. 

            I remember the time when Rohit was suffering with depression and losing attitude. He failed and the world raised fingers on him. He went into depression and he failed 12th again. Now, no one said anything about him as he already indicated everybody in the colony that you just speak about me and my failure and I'll bang you. When everyone thought that Rohit is a psycho and a gone-case, he returned back and passed the 12th std in the 3rd attempt. I am so proud of him. While he was suffering with hard years of his life, parallel, I was also suffering with such depression and failure in my life. I failed 11th std twice while he failed his 12th std twice. We both needed sometime to recover and thus we both were not in contact in these 2 years but as soon as both of us made everyone's perceptions and predictions wrong, we came in touch again and we rocked our friendship days again. He got his admission in BBA in Pune university while I got admission in BCA in Bharati Vidyapeeth University. He has cleared his first year with 60% marks while I have cleared it with 61.43%. In short, both of us had played the similar game with the life and today we are standing on our legs and we fought with the life when nobody supported us and nobody believed us.

            Today, on his 21st birthday, I wanted to be with Rohit but this busy schedule of my college made it impossible. I want to wish Rohit with all the success he had desired for. May he get the higher degrees in his academic years. May he get the best organization to work with. May he get a good wife too so that even I'll enjoy thoda bahut. Sorry Rohit. ;-) I am trying to call him from last 1 hour but every call is in vain as his mobile is currently switched off according to that sexy voiced women who always talk to me when my friends don't want to talk to me. So, Rohit, Many many happy returns of the day. May you live a long and happy life. I am always with you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !!!



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