5 August 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Author Azhan complimented my BLOG / Selected as host !!!

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        I am back after having a bad fight with my mother. This is the first time I am confessing something which should be under these four walls enclosing a space called as our home. In dinner, she gave me some rice and dal which I left in evening after coming from the college. With it, she gave me just 2 chapatis which went into the smallest corner of my ass and seated itself there. I said her that I am not happy with your serves now-a-days. You are living with me here in Mumbai just to give me whatever I ask for. I am not asking anything big. I am just asking for some hot chapatis. You make chapatis at 7 PM and I eat dinner after 10. You prepare tiffin at 8 in the morning and I eat it at 1 PM. You make lunch at 2 PM and I eat it at 7 PM. I never get hot chapatis and not even are you concerned to give me hot chapatis. You are interested in watching TV and because of which you prepare the food untimely and I have to suffer your worst food. The problem with you is that you are much interested in serving others - GUESTS than me. All this led into a fight which ruined my mind so much that I had nothing in my mind except frustration and anger. However, I am trying to control it and thus for calming myself, I have shared this incident with all of you otherwise I never talk about fights I do in my home.

              Today, one more achievement is written in the chart of the success of my blog. I have already received comments from Mandar Kokate - Author of Oh Shit Not Again !!! and Varsha Dikshit - Author of Right Fit Wrong Shoe !!!. I have had many chats with Mr. Mandar on internet and I also had telephonic talks with Mrs. Varsha Dikshit. Today, I received a comment from AZHAN AHSAN - Author of LOVE, LUST AND LIFE. I wrote a review of his first and the only book and I was trying to contact him from many days but he never replied. I don't know how he had reached my blog now. I would like to share the comment he posted on my blog - "Hey Abhilash... Azhan here... thanks a ton for liking the book and taking out time to jot down a whole blog dedicated to my book. I am really overwhelmed. If by any chance u r on facebook, do add me... would be a pleasure knowing u more..tc cheers azhan". 

              As I want to be a writer myself, I feel myself so lucky to be in contact with such author before publishing a single novel. God has given me a lot. If a boy comes to Mumbai to become an actor, he can never be in contact with big actors till his film is released and he is a star (big or small - doesn't matter). But in my case, I want to be a writer and I haven't done even 0.01% of something which could make it possible for me to be in contact with such great writers. I give all the credits of these contacts and these success to God. Just because he is supporting me is why I am happy and satisfied. Already, three authors had been in talking terms with me, I am trying to be a friend with many more so that I can get a huge idea about how to write a book and how to proceed, how to write, how to end. I am so thankful to all these three authors for making my blog a successful one. Thanks a lot.

             I am been selected as a host in my college for the orientation ceremony of the juniors. I have Prema as the host with me. I am looking forward to the rehearsals. It will be entertaining to host with her. Nobody would have been a better partner than her when it comes to entertainment with serious work. I am little nervous but I am much of excited to host the show. I don't know whether I'll be finalized as a HOST or not but I am confessing here that I want to host this program. From last many years, I am watching Reality shows and award functions, I love the job of hosts. The success of Reality shows also depends on the quality of host they present. If the host is not attractive, the show's TRP goes down and the show is a flop. So, I wanted to try myself once as a Host. I will never get a time to be a host in my life if this college life will pass away. So, I am so happy to get a chance in my college life itself. Lets see whether I will be hosting it or not but the latest breaking news is : I am selected for it. Friends, pray for my fixture at this position.



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Anonymous said...

HEY mate..!! gud 2 know abt ur selection...BEST OF LUCK 4 dat!!!! i know u got dat will 2 make d show hit n happening..n also abt ur sence of humour..which is a plus point of urs..b confident...ALL IZ WELL ''in case u get nervous'' :p MADDY

Writing Buddha said...

maddy...thanks a lot yaar....and much thanks for that suggestion AL IZZ WELL...tht was important hahaha....hey dude...the matte is that will my sense of humor burst out on stage infront of so many juniors and teachers and chief guests? I am looking forward to the show and expecting for everythnig to go well and smooth....Lets see...and thanks for wishing me for this...

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