28 August 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My Father Turned 50 Years Old !!!

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My Father in Italy
        Today, my dear father turned 50 years old. I wished him last night at 12.00 AM itself. I am so happy that my father completed his 50 years of life without any sickness and health problems. He had been fit all his ages and had always been active. He is very happy to celebrate his birthday today as he has completed his 50th year. This is really a big achievement because now and then we keep hearing about so many deaths and to survive from all of them and live so many years without much odds, it really means a lot. This birthday really means a lot for him. I can understand his feeling because last year when I completed my 20th birthday, I was so happy because I completed two decades of my life. It was just two decades and here it is 5 decades. Wonderful !!!

            Its still 10 years for him to work officially. He had achieved many dreams and fulfilled many of them in these 50 years but I think there are some still left to be accomplished. He will complete them too in these 10 years. And if not in these 10 years, then there are lot more years for him to complete them as he is going to live a long life. I know that. He is truly an Achiever. This can be observed by looking at me as I have been his biggest achievement. Hahaha. He is a Manager in one of the leading Iron and Steel company - JINDAL INDUSTRIES. He is the least qualified person among his 4 brothers but even after that he is sitting on the seat of the Manager which none of his brother is sitting at. He had also attended a training session in Italy and worked for three months in Saudi Arabia. It was his biggest dream to sit in a flight and go for an international tour. He accomplished his biggest dream last year when he got a chance from a company to visit Europe. None of his brother has ever visited any country. Not even Nepal. Hahaha :-)

            My father has always been friendly with me. Actually not always. He has been friendly to me after I entered my 12th std. After this he has been very amicable and very sharing with me. I have learned many things from him. Many a times I get motivated after watching him moving ahead in life. Sometimes, even he faces failures but it is the part of everyone's life. There is no person in this world who took his last breathe without any failures. I am proud of my father that he is still walking in spite of several failures and hurdles in his life. He is good at taking risk. This has lead him to understand what exactly job is and what exactly people in jobs are. He has worked in more than 15 industries till date and I am happy that he took so many chances in his life and experienced the life so well.

            He never fight with anyone. He had taught me the same and I have learned it quite easily. Watching him being cool and calm, even I try to handle the situations rather than fighting and making an issue of it. But, he is not even interested in playing politics so that he can take revenge with the people who are trying to cut his opportunities while I love playing politics and I am good at it too. The person who is my enemy bows in front of me soon because he or her knows that I am a bloody idiot who can dither their non-erratic life. I love when my father and mother are in a comedy argument. One thing I loved about my father right from my childhood was that he always understood when I used to hide something. He still understands when I am lying and when I am not. I am proud of him about how he handled me when I was facing psychological problems and I was sick. He handled me so well. This is the sign of a good father. 

            Today, on his 50th birthday, I would like to wish a lot for him but the first priority will go to his long and happy life. I want my father to play with my kids and teach them how to handle the situations. I would also wish a good health for my father. I have seen my grandfather struggling with his weak body and thus I don't want my father to be admitted in the hospital and count his last breathe. I want him to be active till his last breathe. Hope God listens to me. For now, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DAD !!! and CONGRATS FOR YOUR 50th BIRTHDAY !!!

Your Son,

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Vinayak said...

Its really good to see a son wishing his father a happy birthday.
Wish him from my side too.

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Vini

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