8 June 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

2nd year of MCA ends with great memories! ONE MORE TO GO!

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  I remember the days when I was working upon my admissions for MCA. Those lonely CET preparations when my friends used to pass their time considering it their last semester together in Graduation. Then, I remember the day when I went to give CET exam. I was too nervous as I was scared thinking what if I fail to perform well in a test that also has negative markings included for wrong attempts. After that I was in loo when my phone rang and a friend told that result has been declared a day before schedule. I checked and I scored exactly what I predicted because I knew what markings I did in the Multiple Choice Questions. My mind was calculating like never before, the day when I was filling the final preferences for colleges during the CAP Round-1. I danced seeing how I got the same college I wanted in the result of first CAP round itself. I told almost everyone in excitement where I would be studying for the next 3 years. I achieved my dream of getting into MCA successfully. 

          Today, I find it quite unbelievable that I am done with two years in the course that I, once, dreamed to join. The first three semesters are successfully done and I unconditionally love my marks of each subject. MCA has not let me take a single subject casually and say,"Isko toh exam ki raat mein kar lenge". The whole BCA was done in a night but here, every night has been so tough and hard-working that I remember studying for each subject clearly. You take out any topic of any of the many subjects that I have studied till now in last 4 semesters, I can easily describe the whole moment to you when I was preparing that topic. That's how much effort I, along with almost every student, have put in. 

           The 4th semester which has just ended has been the most toughest exam ever given by me. It has depressed me a lot. Each minute in the last 30 days has been felt and survived upon. Every subject demanded sweat, commitment and attention. My mother got frightened seeing me study like a madman. At last even she said that she is okay with less marks in this semester but asked me to try as much as I can. My spine has been straight for all these 30 days sitting on a stool and reading all the topics. I have given so much to this semester that I wish result does not disappoint me much but even if it does, I will accept it smilingly because it shall always stay with me. I will take that defeat as a defeat and not as an experience. I will run with my focus at the finishing line after that, no matter what comes in my way. This whole vacation is going to be like a meditation towards preparing myself for an effortless role where I would be dying to prove myself that I deserved to pass Semester 4 if I don't. But I am optimistic because of the hard work I have put in. Though paper haven't gone as wonderful as hours committed to make them wonderful. :-)

          Along with these fearful examinations, the 2nd year of MCA has given me large memories enough to stay with me for life. It has grown my personality tremendously. The kind of confidence it has given me shall stay with me even in the corporate life that I would be possessing from next year. My classmates trusted and gave me wonderful experiences of being an anchor at three different events- Fresher's Party, Teacher's Day and Cultural Day. A teacher gave me the main role to play in a skit [also written by me] based upon Manager's role. That was a different experience altogether. I also won 2nd prize in a Debate Competition held at Intra-collegiate festival "Manthan". In the same festival, I also ranked 2nd in Bollywood Quiz's Final Round but lost after marks been totaled of all the rounds. I and my friends won Prize for Best Group in our college's cultural event. I scored the best percentage considering 6 Semesters of BCA and 3 Semesters of MCA. I got opportunities to give 2 presentations in front of my friends in MCA. And there have been infinite experiences and achievements this year.

           Summarizing everything, I would say that these days of MCA will always haunt me when my boss will scream at me for not being clear even at basics of programming. I will remember how MCA fried me a lot in hot flames but still I chose to remain soft rather than becoming hard by getting burnt and roasted. :-) These 2 years are going to play a large role in defining how my 3rd year at MCA will be like. The bond that has been developed with almost every classmate in last two years will help in making 3rd year cheerful and lovable. I am very positive for the last year of my college and then, there's a real struggling life ahead. Hence, I will try to make most out of it. I have got some wonderful friends with whom MCA has become more bizarre than it would have been. I know these friends will become history post-MCA as per my nature hence I would try to laugh and talk as much as I could with them. :-) For the teachers who are really helping me grow as a person, hope you shall take me to next level in the last year of my academic life. With this hope and expectation, I sign off. :-)



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Asit said...

Buddys its very interesting..i loved it..MCA is something different even i am enjoying it :) It is making us to do hardwork :D

a gal in city said...

Very hard working

Soulmate said...

All the best for your 3rd year. Hope you excel and have cherished memories in your next year as well :)

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