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It Had To Be You by Anuj Tiwari (Book Review-2.75*/5)!!!

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            So it takes me 4 hours to read "It had to be you" written by Anuj Tiwari. The 198-pages novel is a sequel to the first book- "Journey of Two Hearts". Anuj Tiwari has released his second book with Rupa while his first was a National bestseller with Srishti Publication. Anuj has taken his own time to come up with this short sequel and hence my expectations with this book were quite high. Considering that, I have found improvement in his narration which I pinpointed in my review for his first book. It seems as if author has been writing this tale to entertain audience rather than making them feel a part of this book. He made it sure that the book can be taken with you on a train journey as it does not pressurize you to concentrate on intense parts; because they are not intensely written.

         The extremely beautiful and perfect cover page for a love story could have become epic if it would have been treated with little more twists. Author has tried to keep it too simple to even excite you at few points where you wished you celebrated or emoted yourself well. Short chapters make this book a smooth ride for the readers. All the characters that are mentioned are been treated well till the end. The equation of the protagonist with Rahim Chacha is the best part about this book. I wish if author writes a completely new book mentioning Rahim Chacha's life and philosophy. 

           Poetry and songs should be added in the story if it gives speed. Here, it stops the flow and makes you applaud poetry before moving ahead and finding a totally new scene thereafter. Also, author should have tried to avoid using Hindi as much as possible. Remove quotes in Hindi and poems in English, this book could have been completed in just 160 pages. Making it more easier for the readers; if that was the target. 
         The first half of the book is well-treated. Considering it to be a sequel, Anuj has assured that you need not read his first to understand this. You can directly start with this. He has given a totally new outlook to a romantic book in the 1st half by not using depression as his key to get into readers' heart. He has kept an attitude of exploration while discussing the protagonist's life who has just come out of hospital after 6 months of admission for being depressed. But when you find that he meets the fate that he has been praying for, you are disappointed as the words does not create the magic you had expected from it. 

            The biggest drawback of this book has been the author's attempt to keep it as easy as possible. He has basically targeted the audience who have just started reading books. If he could have made this book thicker by 70-80 pages more, he could have done great justice with characters, story and the amount of twists and tales it needs. Also author talks about different topics like Mumbai, parents, Ganapati festival, IT industry, girls, sex which looks more like small pieces of article joined together to fill the book as story does not have much to give to its audience. I wish next time when Anuj Tiwari writes, he focuses on plot which has many sub-plots into it. And stop making it easy for the readers. You are losing your case because of it. I give this book 2.75/5. 



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