16 June 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

My Father's 25th Year as Father :-)

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Though people say that Father's Day is originated in West because they kick their parents in old-age home and keep remembering them for a day each year to make them feel special but still I take this as an opportunity to talk about my dad each year on Blog. yesterday, Father's Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and respect at every home where Fathers are seen as Heroes. I have always learned almost every new thing from my father. I know that my father may not be good at many things but I know that he knows at least little about every thing. This makes him a good adviser whenever I want to know something about anything, I approach my father. He has been one of the most ambitious fathers I have ever seen though I have become something else only than what he wanted me to be. :-) But still his passion in developing me lies as mainstream as it ever was.

          My father has assured right from my childhood that he wants me to be different from herds. For that, he has sometimes troubled himself, my mother and most of time, me. Haha! But he made it sure that I am always creative in whatever I do. He taught me skating when no one in my colony had seen skates. He taught me to see dictionary when children were still trying to correct their pronunciation. He taught me to mug G.K. books when children didn't know who the Prime Minister of India is. He made me read 8th class's English textbooks when I was still in 3rd std. He made me read newspaper in class 4 when my friends only saw their fathers with a big paper in their hands. When he read my Blog for the first time, it was he who told me to work upon my writing skills otherwise I won't last long in this field. To develop me, he beat me, made me stand outside home for hours, snubbed me but that has made me achieve little what I have till now in Academics, blogging and reading. I owe my success to my father as much as I owe it to my mother.

            In childhood, I wasn't very close to my father because every time, I saw him, I knew that I might end up getting beaten for studies or something else. That's the image I carried of him. But as soon as I reached 11th std, I found a very different father than what I saw him in childhood. Now he loves having long conversations, marketing, cooking, drinking tea, taking advises etc with me. He gives almost all his time whenever he is with me. I am not scared of him anymore. In fact, I see him as a friend and I know that I can discuss anything with him except it is something related to spending money on some luxurious item. Haha! 

            I have never seen a single person in my father's friend circle or among his brothers who have taken as much risks as my father has taken in his career. Till date, he has changed 16-18 jobs but never ever he sat at home for a month without salary. That's the enigma of this man. None among his brothers even after completing Engineering and Masters left India to explore themselves in foreign countries while my father has been to Italy and Saudi Arabia two times. He is currently in Saudi Arabia and it is such a proud thing for me to tell my pals that I am son of an NRI. Having a home is in itself a big challenge while my father possesses one in Mumbai even after being in middle-class range of people. My father feel like resting and that's the only case where we have differences. I ask him to work till he is breathing to make sure that he has purpose in life while he says that enough has been done. That's how pride, love, adoration and differences between a father and son goes hand in hand. 

            On this Father's Day, I wish my father gives more importance to exercising so that he lives his old age traveling and running with me than being on bed with heavy doses of medicines and glucose. I wish my father can single-handed-ly take our family from middle class to upper middle class without my support. I know my support makes him twice stronger than he is but that's pretty obvious that I would be always there with him in any dream that he pursues. He taught me so many things since childhood that I wonder sometimes if I would be able to help him in new technologies, Internets and various other things that he might not have seen in his generation. I promise that I will never make him weep like I did sometimes in past. He is very proud of me and happy with my achievement these days. I wish the streak continues and I can be the best-ever son possible. This is his 25th year as father and I wish our future years would be more delighting than these 25 years where almost 90% have gone in struggle to strengthen our basics. On this Father's Day, I can only end up saying that I will try to support him as much as possible from my side. :-)



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Soulmate said...

My dad, though very shy while expressing his emotions, can turn fierce when it comes to my happiness and protection. For example, when my mum is angry at me, reflexively I run for cover towards my dad and he readily defends me with his shield. :):)

When God made angels like mothers, he made friends and guides in the form of fathers. :)

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