16 June 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Heropanti: A Fine Family Film! ***1/2

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  I watched Heropanti in its 3rd week. The movie is already declared Super Hit. It marked the debut of Tiger Shroff, son of Jackie Shroff and Kriti Sanon. It is remake of a South movie and it is also said to be inspired from Jackie Shroff's movie "Hero".If you wish to go back in 90s and see a movie that has the same kind of plot where a boy falls in love with a girl, later comes to know that girl's parents are absolutely not wanting to marry their daughter off to this guy who has been flirtatious with their daughter and in the end, few fights, great dialogues and finally a successful ending happening, go watch Heropanti without any second thought. 

           Talking about the direction and writing, film has nothing new to offer but whatever it wanted to convey, it conveys well. It just needed little more revolutionary writing seeing the age in which the movie is releasing but still, movie delivers quite wonderful nostalgia. One point that I would like to point out is sexist dialogues and approaches in few parts of the movie. It does not click with audience of this age where we have seen girls been treated as freely as boys. Shabbir Khan has excelled in making people reach where he wanted them to reach. Movie is quite cool, fun-loving, light and dramatic. It has Tiger Shroff, the actor, who dances, flirts, fights, jumps, does some amazing stunts, says dialogues with his masculine voice etc. He has been an excellent lead for the director who wanted to showcase a movie with all the elements involved. The only problem with Tiger Shroff is his face- quite girlish and those pink lips just turns you off. Oops!

             Kriti Sanon has done a fine job. She looks amazing on screen. The best surprise package of the movie has been Prakash Raj as villain. He also played the villain even in Tamil version of the same movie. His eyes, body language, facial expressions does it for the movie. If one thing that you shall come out remembering from the theater is his acting and solid delivery every time camera focuses at him. Sunil Grover plays a cameo in the movie which is just incredible. You will laugh a lot in that one particular scene. The last part of the movie where great dialogues are been thrown over at each other between Tiger Shroff and Prakash Raj has been an epic scene. I completely adored that performance by both the actors. Songs and choreography of the movie are just too excellent to describe them in words. All the songs deserves to be in your playlist. I would give this movie 3.5 out of 5. 



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