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Review: Holiday: Flight that keeps getting off track! ***/5

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HOLIDAY: ***/5
   Holiday movie has been watched on the 7th day of its release. A movie that was getting quite fine reviews as compared to other movies of Akshay Kumar. His chemistry with Sonakshi Sinha has been terrific in almost all the movies they have acted together but I feel that it's too much of both of them now. They should take a break of 2 years at least before working together again. Holiday's tagline says "A Soldier is never off duty". That's what they show in the movie. Akshay Kumar known as Virat in the movie is on holiday at his home. A bus blasts in front of him after which he catches a terrorist and the saga of chasing terrorists continues. Along with this, Akshay Kumar is always off with his friend who is a policeman (played by Sumeet Raghavan). The disappointing part is that Akshay Kumar who is a soldier himself keeps snubbing his friend who's a police for being a policeman. That should not have been the intention of any dialogue in the movie.

            Coming to the direction of the movie, you can say Murugadoss had good intentions but he couldn't fly his thoughts into the right direction. It's a flight that flies in the right direction but loses its way every now and then. Still, movie does not fail to entertain you. It has a purpose to tell and it does significantly. It's just that less research and no insights make it look much like a half-baked cake than a delicious pastry. Govinda in special appearance is delighting. You wish to see him joking to make you laugh out loud but he only manages to make you smile. Production seems to be wonderful as the movie looks good on the screen. The songs are okay-ish and "Tu hi toh hai karaar mera" will stay with you after you leave the cinema halls. 

              Akshay Kumar manages to sail the ship as the only captain of the ship. He has many companions to support him in the movie but you will be delighted to see him in his best form in Holiday. He dances, smiles, romances, runs, jumps, fights, cracks jokes and also shows his witty style along with stunts. If you are an Akshay Kumar's fan, this movie is for you. If you are Murugadoss's fan, you will be disappointed. If you are interested in watching light yet entertaining Bollywood movies, definitely go for this. I will give it 3 out of 5. 



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