22 June 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

1100* BLOGS in 1787 Days with Lakhs of You!!!

1100th BLOG POST -->>

1100th BLOG POST
   It has been a complete honour in serving all of you through this space from last 1787 days. I have been very diffident since childhood but this space made it possible for me to open up and speak with all of you. On several topics. Today, we complete 1100 posts together. Often, my readers ask me why do I state few sentences while speaking about a milestone as "We". There are several times when I am lost and I don't understand what to talk about. My readers are so understanding that they themselves assume I'm in a problem. I start getting mails and FB messages about the ongoing incidents in the world and write about one which I am comfortable in. I don't dedicate any post to anyone officially but I, personally, mail the person and tell them that the specific post is result of your motivation. Therefore, anything that happens with ARB, I make it sure that my readers are part of the jubilation. 

            Last century has taken some 178 days to get completed. These 178 days has also been one of the ruggedest phase academically. For a time being, Blog went into backyard. But as I say, all of you didn't let 1100th post get delayed to second half of this year. Great! My dream with Blogging has been to touch 1000 Posts which has been successfully achieved in December 2013. Since then, I have been vagabonding and thinking about many other sectors where I can contribute with my presence and skills. After lot of thoughts, I started working on LMS- LAST MINUTE STUDY which is my little contribution through which I help MCA students of Mumbai University with online notes that can be read a night before exam. I wanted the fear of failure to go away from students' heart. This is the world of competition and consistence. I want students to have this spirit of contending and standing tall despite of any problem. LMS is just a contribution towards it.
    In my journey of Blogging, when I was 500 posts old, I got an idea of converting casual book-readers into hardcore readers. I also wanted those readers to motivate their friends and neighbours to read books. This didn't come in mind because I review books and it has become quite professional now. But because I know what reading does to a man. I have met many bibliophile several times. I have found their aura very huge and inspiring. Their presence changes the whole direction of conversations and talks. They convey big messages in less words. I wish to see every person around me being at the zenith when it comes to having knowledge and exploring minds. Hence I created DNA of BOOKS. The website got plethora of love and support. I have big smile today as I see many non-readers purchasing book through the link shared on DNA's website and informing me. Kudos, readers. :-)

           Today, on the occasion of 1100th BLOG POST, I announce my new venture with all of you. All of us are quite inclined towards glamour and buzz Bollywood creates. I have been a person who is always possessive towards art. I see movies through an artistic eyes and hence, I have been quite conserved till now when it comes to watching movies because I do not see many movies qualifying to it. Hence, I started reviewing them on this space to make the film-maker realize what we, audience, accept from them. The love given by all of you for my reviews and after having few talks with countable contacts that I have in Bollywood, I thought of opening a portal that will have Movie Reviews, Interviews with Bollywood celebrities, confirmed news and updates. Bollywood shall be discussed with purity and respectfully here. And hereby, I announce "BOLLYWOODISM" (www.BoLLyWooDisM.com) with all of you. Yes, this is the name which I believe will rise with support from each one of you. 

            On the occasion of 1100th BLOG POST, I promise all of you that I will not sit quietly and keep whatever I have in my heart. I will try to make my thoughts convert into dreams. And I will try to bring those dreams in front of you and execute them. Success and Failure have never mattered to me when it comes to doing what my heart says is right. The way I have been contributing little in all the sectors where I can speak a bit about, I will continue doing that and also indulging all of you in it. :-) I am sure the way ARB got support since its initial stage itself, all other ventures shall also have with the blessings from all of you. There has been several complains that I don't reply to comments anymore. I, also, promise today that from 1100th BLOG POST on wards, no comment will be left unanswered. With this, I bow in front of all and thank you from the bottom of my heart for staying by my side in all ups and downs. More than me, all of you motivate me. YOUR SUPPORT IS MY SUCCESS!!!


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Asit Chaurasia said...

COngratulations MY Guru.. Its really special moment for you and i feel very lucky to always have you besides me..motivating, guiding with ideas and giving me novels to read ;).Seeing you I have also started writing Blogs and i dont know where it will take me but I will continue it and seriously it feels really great when you write something and people respond to it :) You Have encouraged me and reading your every blogs it makes me think, it makes me smile sometimes it is stress free for me because I get to learn many things :) Ek noob ko aapne Novels ki talab laga di :P Thank you :) COngratulations and All the best :)

Anamika said...

Congratulations Abhilash :-) I hope dis comment finds u smiling :-) Oh God frm where shld i start nw..A lot has been said by me..I found n i still find myself incapable to say certain things nt bcos I dnt want to say bt bcos I dnt knw hw to say dem..Bt one thing is for sure dt my silence hs surely gt its voice here on dis platform n I shall always owe a lot to dis medium of urs..We tend to hold on thngs dt make us happy n dts d only reason im still here..Evry pst of urs in one way or d other has d power to make someone smile n even wipe out someone’s tears.. Dis place has d power to keep someone emotionally happy..I am one big example of dt someone frm d lakhs dt r following u..So for each single pst (yes yes I’ve read all d 1100 so multiply dt Thanku 1100 times) im thankful to u n to dt Almighty above dt he hs allowed me to be a smart prt in dis big long journey of urs..I Wish n pray dt to continue wid ur passion n may evry dream of urs turns into reality..U knw GOD hs is own plans n way of making things happen n as per my strong belief u his blessed child is bound is achieve smthng phenomenol..As far as ur new venture is concerned I knw he is keeping an eye on u n ur efforts n dedication towards it will make it as successful as ARB…You jst stay inspired ,motivated n blessed n continue wid it..U r surely on a right path Mr.Writer n im very happy for u nw my only wish is to hold ur book in my hands wid pride one day (yes pls tk ur tym) n see u ruling every bookstores shelf..I preassume dt nw u r kinda aquainted to all dt i kp on repeating bt i dnt knw frm were i end up writing big comment n same stuff again..I hope u r nt irritated n still smiling as i end here..Once again Congrats n Wishing u everything best in life..As always Stay Blessed n Keep Writing :-) :-)

Salman J said...

Congrats bro! Keep up the good work and stay strong ! Nice to see your progress..
Best of Luck

Anonymous said...

Congrats bhai.. I am proud of you. As mentioned earlier, due to your sheer dedication and persistence, you're an inspiration for many youngsters. It's not far when we would see you on Television. Keep writing. Continue living an awesome life.

Abhisek Rai Akrant

Vinayak said...

1100 blog posts! Congratulations on this epic achievement. Since sometime I haven't been a regular reader of your blog but I had to comeback for this special post so that I could learn some new English difficult words.

Congratulations again for this achievement and I hope Bollywoodism is a huge success.

Soulmate said...

Congratulations Abhilash :) :)

I cannot stop smiling..!!

All the best with your new venture- Bollywoodism. Hope you achieve more success and happiness in life.

Keep writing :):)

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