25 June 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Introduction to Business Communication by Uma Bhushan (Book Review-3.5*/5)!!!

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         Uma Bhushan's "Introduction to Business Communication" is just more than it's name. I referred it for my exam of Soft Skills and I was surprised to see the amount of topic it delivered. This book can be easily referred by anyone pursuing a Master's course and has to go through Business Communication topics. This book has all of it. Uma Bhushan has not disappointed with her first non-fiction and academic attempt. She is a faculty at K. J. Somaiyya Institute of Management Studies & Research. She has been teaching course since 2004. 

            The great thing about this book is that it provides insights into aspects of communication from Indian point of view. This book contains all the essential topics in Oral and Written communication. It also gives several examples and exercises so that you can adopt what is been tried to teach. The chapters also covers up-to-date topics like media and crisis communication, cross cultural communication etc. These topics are explained with analyses and case studies which makes it possible to implement it practically. 

          A wide discussion is been done on Communication in organizations by explaining methods, goals, barriers, patterns, Seven C's, Ethics and Persuasion. Another great chapter is Group Communication where conflict management, negotiation, meeting and problem solving is discussed. Oral Communication could have been portrayed differently but it's kept too short to be understood nicely. The way Written Communication is mentioned in this book, I haven't found it in any book. Too practical and vivid. The information documents and analytical documents are explained in two different units which makes it easy to differentiate between the two. But again, letter-writing is explained very quickly which is one important part of Written Communication. I give this book 3.5 out of 5.



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