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Write with Confidence by Angela Burt (Book Review-3*/5)!!!

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       Angela Burt, an English teacher and examiner and now runs a proofreading company, has come out with her book in 2004 itself with the title "Write with confidence". The 190-pages non-fiction book is published by Jaico, a house that believes in publishing more valuable stuffs than pop fiction. Angela Burt, with this book, has helped reader in understanding how to cope with everyday letters, application forms, sick notes, invitations and replies, classified ads, minutes and more. The best thing about the book is it's professional approach in teaching you write letters that completely lacked in Margaret McCarthy's book on letter writing. 

            Letters discussed in this book are about day-to-day problems that we face and wish to write it to someone and get out the solution. This book helps with letter writing on such topics that seems to be petty but are as important as writing CV. The book is written in clear and concise language. Author communicates well with her readers every now and then while explaining them something that's important while writing a letter. The explanations given by her are straight-forward. You might get offended sometimes for your poor English. :-) But she makes sure that you do not repeat the same mistake again.

          She explains, in this book, how to prepare postcards, write personal letter in proper layouts, write Business letters, job applications, formal invitations and replies and prepare a CV. She also discusses how to write advertisements and announcements which I found something unique in this book. The greatest satisfaction has been minutes, agendas, and meetings discussed in the Part 5th. That's something much needed for the management students like me. 

          The best part about the book is its Part 6 which helps you knowing what common punctuation mistakes we do and what should be avoided when we write letters next time. Part 7 teaches how spelling mistakes are been done time and again. Part 8 covers 10 words that are often confused by writers but changes the whole meaning of the sentence. In the end, author has also suggested useful spellings and some useful words that can be used whenever we write a letter to someone. This book is wonderful if you have to write lots of letter in your business and professional world. 



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