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Rules of the Game by Sumit D Chowdhury (Book Review-4.5/5) !!!

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         Average reading speed being a book per day, I completed Sumit D Chowdhury's latest novel "Rules Of The Game" in 15 days. No, it is not for the wrong reasons but because every sentence contained lots of meaning that was not meant only for reading but to get it inculcated and imbibed in the personality to be successful in our corporate, professional and business life. If Robin Sharma can be termed as someone who shows you the way to be Leader and Motivated in your life, Sumit Chowdhury can be easily termed to be one of the best writers to tell you how to lead a successful life as an entrepreneur or an employee. He tells it with several examples and instances how being at small level does not mean our life would end up being only a notch equal to a Manager position; he confirms that if you follow every rule that he has mentioned, you will surely reach the topmost position in your organization. The great thing is that every rule seems to be applicable, feasible and realistic. 
    Author tells initially itself that if life is seen as a game, it will become very easy for us to win in every small and big matches of it. With every page, he makes sure that we believe in what he claims. I was surprised the way the book has been written. There are many similar books in the market that has one chapter written after another and there's no link between any two. They are just an elaboration of the chapter's title. But Sumit makes sure that his chapters are perfectly placed in the right order which will make every rule look easier and interesting. I, being in IT field myself, related to almost every advise and suggestions that the author makes in this book. And I almost found Live Examples in successful people I have personally known doing well in IT and Management fields. 

          The ART cycle in the initial chapter itself shows how serious and determined the author is. The book consists chapters that will help you understand how to develop your self-confidence, be enthusiastic and have winner's attitude, enhance your appearance, etiquette and personality, develop communication skills, seek feedback and correct ourselves, create your brand and invest in yourself. With all these elements been discussed, this book is a complete package for everyone who are about to start their career or are already stuck in midway and are unable to find which way to go and win against peers. This book tells you what to do today to not regret later that if I would have done this-and-this in my 20s, 30s, 40s, I would have achieved so-and-so already. 

           Every "I wish I knew" section tells how other successful persons regretted later for not knowing the rule that could have worked then. They tell it themselves. In the middle of the paragraphs, you will find quotes by wonderful thinkers and achievers following which the paragraph gives message related to the quote itself. Every quote is worth remembering and following. The best part of the book is the Interviews in the end of every chapter. The author assured that he finds a man successful in terms of the same element that he has discussed in the chapter and explore all his life in 9-10 questions. Book ends with the best interview- The one he has with Prasoon Joshi. In all, I would say, this book deserves to be read by every person doing Professional course, fresher in an organization and everyone striving even in their 30s and 40s. I will give this book 4.5/5 undoubtedly. Please have this in your shelves if you wish to be best in your career. 



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