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Letter Writing Made Simple by Margaret McCarthy (Book Review-2.5*/5)!!!

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    If you thought writing letter is very hard, here comes Margaret McCarthy's book that shares with you almost 200 sample letter for business and personal use. The book is titled "Letter Writing Made Simple" and it's published by the prominent, Jaico Publishers. More than the business letters, I loved the way Margaret has written personal letters on various issues. I, being someone who sends only business-related letters, found how different it is to write personal letters. It is totally a different thing. Every letter showcased by Margaret shows how it can be made more effective by using easy yet eye-catching sentences. 
            Margaret assures that with the reference of this book, you can write letters even for the rare topics such as apologizing a friend, complaining about a rude salesperson, expressing your feelings about a loved one's illness and even if you have to thank a co-worker for assisting you. The great part about her letters is that you can modify it according to your convenience. 

            She also teaches you about formatting, styling, toning and various forms of addressing while writing the letters. She has given many ready-to-use kinds of letters that can be really helpful for you in urgency. She has categorized her book in different parts which comprises of kind of purpose for which you wish to write a letter for- Apologies, Condolences and sad occasions, Encouragement, Congratulations, Special occasions, Thank-you notes, Relationships and Neighbours. These are personal letters. In the Business section, she has topics like Education, career, housing, banking, community and law, press and media, products, services and travelling-related. If you will see the topics that she has covered in each of these types, you will be surprised. 

            The drawback of the book is:- Author has given this book a very casual approach. She could have made it look professional that could have given it little more credibility. Also, the format of letters isn't appropriate at most of the times. She has just concentrated on what has to be written as content in the letter rather than giving shape to the letter to make it look attractive. Every letter looks as if an email has been written to someone and not a real letter. Rest, it's a good book that has to be with you. 



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Soulmate said...

In an era of digital technology, people prefer sending emails or sms...the latest trend is chatting live on Social networking sites or on WhatsApp. Nowadays people rarely send letters, except when rakshabandhan is approaching. Sisters send rakhis to long distance brothers, sometimes with handwritten letters :)

When it comes to letter writing like books, I have read 'Speedpost' by Shobhaa De. Personel letters from her to her family members. Quite worth reading and awesome to have its copy in my personal library!

I'll try reading Margaret McCarthy's as well. Thanks for the review!

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