30 June 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

30 Days with God! Ramzaan Mubarak!

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       The golden moon in the sky. Millions of people smiling. Ladies hugging each other. Men wishing each other. Small children running here and there. Excitement. Amusement. Happiness. Sacredness. It's the craziness of Ramzaan everywhere. A month of sacredness, purity, prayers and sacrifice that makes Muslims feel special as they see their sins getting washed away with each good deed they do in these 30 days. Nothing can be better than doing anything in the way of meeting God. And the best way to feel yourself closer to God is by following whatever he states in the Holy Book as much as possible. That's how Ramzaan begins and Ramzaan ends. It brings discipline in life as there's a time frame when you have to wake, eat, pray and indulge in godly things. 

         I have seen this month very closely way back in 2006. I was surprised to find my area being lightened up like Diwali. Every evening, once the fast used to break, it seemed as if some Mela has begun. Many food stalls used to wait for people with khajurs, sweets, fruit salads, tandooris, kababs, rolls, biryani etc as Iftaar time used to prevail. Their target used to be to make people eat as much as possible and hence, delicacies were available in very decent pricing. I had lots of fun with my friends there. They used to have beefs while I enjoyed chickens and tandoori. After that, we used to return back home. 

        All used to assemble in their respective rooms and read few passages from Quran in the evening. It was something very new for me as I never followed even the holy books of my religion. I used to ask many questions as I was curious about many things. Those sessions were very motivating which made me purchase Bhagawad Geeta myself and indulge in its philosophy. Since I have started reading my own religion, I have started respecting every tradition, culture, religion and lifestyle. I know there are many philosophies that entails a man to allow himself for something and refrain himself from something. 

           I, therefore, ask all the Non-Islamic and even anti-Islamic fellows to help our Muslims brethren as they are sacrificing even a drop of water for 12-15 hours continuously. Help them with their chores and physical work. They are learning quite a thing about life by sacrificing their food, their routine, their entertainment and power. Let us learn how to help the one who is following a path of God and with it, experiencing poverty, scarcity, simplicity and spirituality. Also try to fast with your Muslim friends for a day or two and bring two religions together. It is individuals like us who can make it possible and enrich secularism. Government and Modi are just a mockery on the name of bringing people close. It is us who have the real power in our hands. Let us come together this Ramzaan and make our planet rich with positive vibes and lots of love. :-) 

          Happy Ramzaan to all of you.

 Thanks a lot.


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