21 June 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Music- The only friend in loneliness!!!

1099th BLOG POST -->>

   Considering computer languages like C and C++, this is the last post of this Blogging century- 1000th to 1099th. And it has come on such a wonderful occasion of World Music Day. Earlier, I was to write a book review but as soon as I came to know about this, I dropped all the plans and headed towards this. I hope this has turned out to be one of my better centuries because this took 178 or so days to get completed. Many interruptions out there in the real world. :-)

          Music resonates. Music inspires. Music freshens. Music pleases. Music betters. Music emotes. The only friend that you find in loneliness, always, is music. It does not leave you alone. I am a Mumbai resident and almost daily, I find myself in Mumbai local. While traveling, I find almost everyone with their earphones on. They are in their own worlds. If sometimes when I am successful in peeping in my neighbour's mobile screen, I find someone playing romantic songs while someone pumping himself with hard-core discos and retro songs. Some person has bhajan as his ringtone while another has song from 60s and 70s. That's how music is for everyone. You can almost judge personality of a person by the music he prefers. 

         In recent days, I have been away from music because of work load. Earlier, I listened songs when I used to lie on bed for sleeping. Now I don't even have this privilege because I sleep in the same room with my parents and I end up being on bed only after I start falling because of slumber's desperate need to have her with me all night. :-) But I miss music. Any time, when I start listening to songs, I prefer playing those from the latest releases and they play no part left in disappointing me. Music has become quite corruptible these days and what will you comment on songs like "Hum paagal nahi hai bhaiya, hamala dimaag kharaab hai" and "Ye Fugly Fugly Kya hai?"? These songs saturate you more than giving you any comfort and relaxation. Let's hope that soul of music isn't separated from it or it would become a game play for everyone. 

           Still, some songs make sure that they give me the life back when I am uncomfortable or out of touch from my work. One song has been "Kabira" from YJHD. Too soulful and meaningful for someone like me who is workaholic and achievement-oriented. It makes me realize that dryness still conquers heart sometimes even after, gradually, achieving all short-term goals. Another lovely song is "Banjaara" from Ek Villain recently. It reminds me of all the people who supported me when I needed someone desperately. When I work-out, songs like "Zinda" and "Bhaag Milkha Bhaag" plays a big part in making me exert more than my capacity. 

            The kind of imaginations that some real motivating and inspiring songs give you is what makes you turn towards music every time. There are many life moments that you forget after some time which only music can remind and take you back in those moments. That's the reason why songs on Friendship fare so well even if they are sung and composed by someone as middle-class as me. Because everyone has had wonderful moments of Friendship sometimes back and there are few people who flashes in front of their eyes once few wonderful lyrical words and prose are sung in very soulful voice. That is why movies get old but their songs and music always stay on people's tongue and playlists.

           Sometimes when one does not have anything to say, he dedicates a song to someone special. When words fail, music comes as savior. The attachment with singers and lyricists happen only through songs. Every artist has his time. Once there was Sonu Nigamm which was followed by Adnan Sami, Shaan, KK, Neeraj Shridhar, Atif Aslam and these days, it's Arijit Singh. It is because there is certain type of songs that are been given to a specific singer for that period of time. Mass of people in the same state of mind or having the same taste keep listening the song day and night. And once, the period of our favorite artist ends, he disappears, it's only his songs that stays with us. In my case, I still listen Jagjit Singh again and again. He is still with me in spite of his absence. 

          On this Music Day, I only wish that lyricists become more responsible towards song and also, singers work on their singing than popularity techniques. A good singer is always in people's heart despite he is famous or not. It kills your sanity when you find a stupid song creating history. We, specifically Indians, are still producing some great songs. Phir Le Aaya Dil, Muskurane ki wajah, Mujhe teri jarurat hai etc are the result of some beautiful talent still existing in present lot of our country. Let's hope that Indian music keeps making us proud even after years from here. A very Happy World Music Day to all the singers, composers, musicians and listeners. :-) 



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Subham Ram said...

Dude, there are songs of KK which are still so peaceful, that your soul soothens up while listening them. KK still gives songs like Tere Bin Ho Na Sakega Guzara. It's his music that makes true connectivity between melody, magic and soul. Do listen his latest ones.

Subham Ram said...

Dude, there are songs of KK which are still so peaceful, that your soul soothens up while listening them. KK still gives songs like Tere Bin Ho Na Sakega Guzara. It's his music that makes true connectivity between melody, magic and soul. Do listen his latest ones.

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