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Effective Communication and Public Speaking by S. K. Mandal (Book Review-3.5*/5)!!!

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      I had my exams last month and I was picking many books that were related to Communication and Soft Skills. As my trust with Jaico Publication is enough, I ended up picking "Effective Communication and Public Speaking" written by an Indian author, S. K. Mandal, even when this book wasn't listed in reference. And now when I am done reading and referring it completely, I am also done giving exam, I can tell you, it has been a surprisingly good book on communications. With the help of this book, I was able to write examples in my answer paper. Written in an Indian style, this book is an example that Indian writers can also write good academics book. But well, this one implies only for Indian audience as it's written in a damn easy language.

          Book is divided into three parts. Part A comprising of Effective Communication. It teaches us about the importance and significance of Communication. Author has given nice tips and examples to make our communication effective. In the end, he has also added "Do It Yourself Exercise" that can be a great practical way to enhance our skills. 

           Part B consists of Public speaking. The art of public speaking is discussed widely along with discussing the importance of language and proficiency needed for it. Topics and techniques for Group Discussion and Seminars is also covered widely with lots of tips and suggestions from the author. 

            Part C discusses tole of communication and public speaking in personal effectiveness. Here author tries to tell you what you gain by sharpening your communication skills and how you can benefit from it.

           This book is written keeping graduation students in mind and hence it does not cover many other points that the subject consists. But whatever topics are discussed, they are widely covered and makes you feel better once you are done reading them. Author has used very easy English so that people with elementary knowledge of the language can also understand the book. This book is a wonderful publication by Jaico and it needs to be read. Specially recommended for students in Management studies.



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