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Interview with Milap Zaveri, the dialogue writer of Ek Villain!!!

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Milap Zaveri is a writer and director in Bollywood industry since more than a decade and half. Recently, he enjoyed back-to-back hits with the movies "Shootout at Wadala", "Grand masti" and "Main Tera Hero". He also found success in "24- The Indian TV show". Now, his Ek Villain is about to release this Friday. Let's see what he has to say about it.

1. How does it feel to give 3 hat-tricks and being known as one of the prominent writers in Bollywood?
Ans: It feels great to have given a hat-trick of hits with #ShootoutatWadala #GrandMasti and #MainTeraHero Also my show #24India was highly appreciated! As a writer I love seeing the reaction of the audience to my work. I get a tremendous high when they whistle, clap or laugh at my punchlines! As for being a prominent writer, I have seen enough ups and downs and I know that you are as good as your last release. While it feels good to be known as someone who understands the pulse of the audience, the responsibility is greater as I have to work harder to ensure that this success continues! It’s a constant process of learning and pushing one’s talent to the maximum while still being grounded. Now that im directing #Mastizaade with Sunny Leone, the challenge is to deliver a super-hit as captain of my own ship! Really excited to be working with her and PNC! 

2. Considering last 3 movies of yours, how hard it is to write versatile stories for movies lying in different genres?
Ans: I enjoy all genres, be it comedy, gangster sagas, or powerful love stories. They give me a chance to show my range. I have been fortunate that I have gotten this opportunity in the last year itself with #ShootoutatWadala #GrandMasti #MainTeraHero #EkVillain #Ungli and many more films! I hope I can continue to entertain audiences in different genres successfully!

3. The promos of Ek Villain are already in talks. How special is this movie for you? 
Ans: Touchwood the promos of #EkVillain have been loved and the buzz pre-release is tremendous! This film is very special to me as I have gotten a chance to show a new side of my dialogue writing! The depth and emotion along with power that this film has is amazing! All credit to Mohit Suri and the screenplay writer/Creative Director Tushar Hiranandani for believing that I could rock this genre too! 

4. How was it working with Mohit Suri on the thriller? What kind of co-operation did you get from him? 
Ans: Mohit was amazing to work with. He has pushed me to deliver beyond what I thought were my limits! I always say that I have given my blood, sweat and tears to this film! Mohit is a genius who never settles for anything mediocre! This journey started almost 2 and a half years back and its been a huge learning experience! I was going through some rough times during this phase and was very temperamental . But Mohit stuck by me and refused to give up on me. Through the darkness he kept pushing me towards the light. Hats off to him. Anyone else would have gotten exasperated and shown me the door. But he believed in me and my talent. I will always love and respect Mohit for standing by me. Tushar Hiranandani also was a great pillar of strength. All I can say is that in Mohit I found a friend along with a director. He is genuinely one of the most talented and emotional directors of this Generation! He is the true Hero of #EkVillain

5. Do you think critics play a role in ruining a movie well-written and well-executed? Or they are just a chatter-box for you?
Ans: While criticism is most welcome, I feel most of our critics like running down commercial and successful films. In the end I care more about the audience. They are the ultimate judge and critics. I would like to make films that make money at the box-office for my producers! 

6. What would you like to say about your other upcoming movies like Ungli and Mumbai Saga? 
Ans: #Ungli is one of the best films I have worked on. Its today’s #RangdeBasanti and Rensil has made a phenomenal film. The day it releases I will walk with my head held high! Extremely proud of it! #MumbaiSaga is my 7th film with Sanjay Gupta whom I consider my Guru and Mentor. He gave birth to me in the industry with #Kaante and then gave me a re-birth with #ShootoutAtWadala so iam damn excited about this film! It’s a powerful gangster saga about the men who made Bombay into Mumbai! Again its one of my most powerful work! Somehow Sanjay always brings out the best in me!

7. We wish you a good luck for Ek Villain. Any last words that you would like to say for your fans. 
Ans: Thank you for your wishes! I would like to thank my fans for loving my work and making my films successful! I hope I can continue to entertain them with my future films in the same way!

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