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The Devil's Gate by Deepak Kripal (Book Review- 3.5*/5)!!!

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      A fiction thriller is always an interesting read and it become more catchy if it has fantasy as its flavour. Deepak Kripal who has written his first full-fledged novel- "The Devil's Gate" also adding a tagline to it "An Impossible Journey" does wonderfully well in narrating a story that is full of fantasies, fictionalized characters and page-turning twists and turns. Book starts quite slowly and with a very boring conversation between Katy( a cat) and Dug(a dog). But as the secrets start getting revealed and disclosed, the story starts taking upon you. Considering the kind of book every debut author in India is trying these days, Deepak Kripal has come up with something very new and interesting. For this effort and newness itself, he gets a star from me. 

           While reading the book, you will feel as if you are watching an animated movie with your 3D glasses on. This book has every potential to be made into such a movie that can be good visually and with a perfect plot that could also interest adults in watching it too. The language used by Deepak Kripal touches that toughness for which you will have to refer dictionary more than usual which is sort of disadvantage but still he has strong hold on his narrating skills because of the power of language that he possesses. His imagination is lucid and larger-than-world which makes his book look as if you are holding an extra-ordinary theoretical version in your hand. The twists and turns that keeps coming every now and then keeps the book's essence and presence felt.
     I was surprised to find the perfectly described characterization of the animals. It's not easy to portray animal's nature and attitude but the author does it easily here. Out of all the parts, I loved the one where all the three friends gets stuck on a bridge while they know that ghosts-sort-of-creatures are sleeping below the bridge under water. That is one action-packed scene. I also adored all the philosophical lessons being given by Billy in form of her father's words. The book won another 1 star from me for those philosophical descriptions. There are many unnatural scenes in the book that shall make you believe in Deepak Kripal's version of fantasy world.

            There are certain drawbacks too; first one being a very bad designing of the cover page which will affect in the sale of the book. It could have been brighter, solid and attractive. Instead its bore and dull. Hope the 2nd edition sees the change. The action scenes against devils and monster becomes repetitive after a point of time and you wish to reach the end as soon as possible. Also the book is stretched by 40-50 pages. It could have been easily finished in 200-210 pages. The over-description irritates you sometimes. Also, I felt that climax little underwhelming, but by a very short margin. Else, this book has something new in it and it can definitely be read once. I give it 3.5 out of 5. 



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