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Review: FUGLY: A Movie that gives up after few minutes! */5

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FUGLY: */5

   Fugly is a comedy drama Bollywood movie released this Friday. It features four new stars- Mohit Marwah(nephew of Anil Kapoor and Boney Kapoor), Vijender Singh(Boxing champion from India), Kiara Advani(grand-daughter of Ashok Kumar) and Arfi Lamba. The movie also stars Jimmy Shergill as a cop and villain. The movie is produced by Akshay Kumar who has also given a guest appearance in the title track of the movie along with Salman Khan.

          The director of the movie, Kabir Sadanand, was himself an actor once. I never liked his acting personally and therefore, I am okay with what output Fugly has released with. It is one of the silliest movie made in the recent times. Taking few tit-bits from every movie and hoping that your movie will have the essence of all has been Sadanand's approach while working on it. It is a mixture of Fukrey's fun, Shaitaan's base of one incident changing situation of all the friends, Dil Chahta Hai's traveling flavor and Rang De Basanti's revolutionary act. The funniest part is that even after doing all the copying-editing-pasting work from successful movies, Fugly is still a silly, foolish and a wanna-be movie. 

         Movie starts off well showing Dev(Mohit Marwah) attempting suicide by burning himself at India Gate. Then the movie goes into flashback. It starts with a song and then the way movie proceeds, you feel that you are about to watch a movie with fun and substance. Even when Jimmy Shergill enters and the whole scene when the four lead collects lakhs of money that Shergill demands in order to immune them from going behind the bars is interesting but just after the interval, it seems as if director himself forgot what he wanted to show the audience. The disclaimer in the beginning of the movie itself tells us what "FUGLY" is but not even a single time in the movie, they try to make the title of the movie clearer. What can you expect out of such movie?

         Acting of all the actors are stupid except Kiara Advani. She is fine and watchable. Vijender Singh has made fool of himself in every scene he has enacted in. Jimmy Shergill plays his part perfect but even he couldn't do much against a weak script and stupid incidents taking place pre-climax and in the climax. Songs are youthful and enthusiastic and you enjoy them in the background. Sana Saeed's unwanted item song adds no plus points in the movie. In fact, she and the song's direction, both looks B-grade. Not even a single dialogue makes you laugh. No scene makes you cry along with the actors. Except all this, it has some funny scenes like a reporter interrogating a serious patient in ICU and asking his life story. Another being a serious patient fighting strongly against the villain with his wires and tubes. The one question's answer that you shouldn't figure out this time is- "Ye Fugly Fugly Kya Hai?"



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