2 August 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Swades ya Videsh!!!

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    In last few days, I have read many novels that states how the protagonists move out of India for either studies or job or some project that's essential for their growth in career. All the novels has been very interesting to read as the whole scenario is unfamiliar to me. I have never been to any country. In fact, I have not even visited my own country properly or in that case my state and okay, not my city too. Hence when I get to know about the life in some totally different area where people don't talk our language, don't eat our food, don't follow our culture and does not see life the way we see, I enjoy knowing the condition of my Indian brethren. Even when I get to know that a friend of mine has just returned from foreign, I go to visit as soon as possible and ask what has been his life since last few months. Fortunately, not a single of them has ever cried to me about their miser life there. All have told me that they enjoy it as its totally a new experience. Yes, they do say that the craze of being in a systematic skyscraper country does not exist anymore which I don't agree with. For me, the interest always stays. It has been 4 years in Mumbai and see, I still talk about it as if its nothing less than Los Angeles or New York. :-)

           Being an NRI, earning dollars in foreign country, meeting white people, becoming friend with them, roaming at 140 km/hour speed in a luxurious sports car on their perfect roads that are more smoother than the skin of many of us, drinking wines day and night etc. is an exciting life that I want to live once but before that, I will have to accumulate lots of gut and will power to say good-bye to my family and friends. I have been closely attached with few people and connected with infinitesimal of people that it will dither me completely- the thought of leaving all of them for months. And it is a well known fact that if an ambitious and hard-working person goes abroad for earning for few years, he never returns back to settle in India. He gets enough accustomed to the new environment with system, no corruption and life with ease that he prefers to stay there throughout his life. I have also heard many Indians tearing up their passport so that they don't divert and go back to their home.

             As shown in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani too, Ranbir Kapoor misses time with his parents and remains absent even at the funeral of his beloved father. Later on, he shares it with Deepika Padukone with tear in his eyes. These are the sacrifices that one has to make to live a life of dreams. I find myself quite weak in terms of finalizing what actually I have to go up with in future. Because of the fear of not having my parents near me, my friends possibly close to me and people speaking my language around me, I have not applied for my passport yet. Because I know once my passport would be ready, I won't leave the opportunity if I'll ever get to be on the roads that our Bollywood movies show, rivers where the water is pure blue in color and where almost everything is as clean as my intentions. Ok Sorry. :-)

            This dilemma of earning a middle-class income in India or dream-like salary in dollars in America is unbeatable. It's like giving 2 options that do u want your mother to be with you till you die or do you want her to leave you now so that she can be your mother again in next birth. It is hard to chose one of these options. But because its my dream to earn in dollars some day, I will definitely go to a place where I'll get to challenge myself. Skype will keep me alive. Viber will help me survive. Facebook will keep me updated. And I am sure that I'll adapt to the new world. It might take many months/years but once settled, I am sure all the problems get repaired with the determination of following our passion. It's not the only case when a dilemma of such a kind will come; there has been many. Let's see if I ever get such an opportunity and how successfully I make most out of it. But for sure, I would like to salute all the Indians working away from their home land and every NRI who is now back to India after earning for many years in a systematic environment. :-) 



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