25 August 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

A Skit played by Me and My Classmates (VIDEO)!!!

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           Our "Software Project Management" subject's teacher, Mrs. Seema Bhuvan asked us to perform a skit in class about how a Manager manages the situations, his sub-ordinates and a project. I was asked to write the script of it and ma'am selected the pupils from our division to act. As I was one of them, I played the role of Manager. So, in the above video, the one in the formal attire sitting with the laptop is yours truly. :-) The girl who explains the situation is Fatima who also plays the role of Top Management in a sequence. Subordinates are being played by Shishir, Sagar, Manish and Ketan. Aniket plays the manager of ICICI bank while Bhavna plays Content Writer, Komal plays IT programmer and Prasad plays peon. :-) The rehearsal and preparation happened in just 15 minutes. According to that, everything went well and our spontaneous cameraman- Bhushan did a wonderful job. Thanks ma'am for allowing the video recording. 

           All of you, do enjoy the skit and tell how is it. :-)



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