3 August 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

"Dress how you want to be addressed"!!!

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In my classroom. And yes, image isn't photoshopped. :-)

              People often question me as to why I waste half of my time in conducting the things than executing them. They feel that I over act to show that I m quite organized. But then is there any option to impress these people? Impressing them is as useless as watching tv. I prefer to continue with my things. I love being organized. It's a wonderful scenario to see myself working as a robot who has been programmed to do stuffs in the same particular way. People often believe that professionalism has to be followed only in corporate life and at home, we can relax. I think differently. I enjoy managing my bed after installing mosquito-net and before sleeping. And you wont believe but initially I used to set my bed sheet even when I used to wake up for releasing myself in the midst of my sleeping hours. My mother used to scold me so much that I had to stop this. Haha. Ok, this is not the end. One night, I even asked her to get off from the bed as I wanted to arrange the pillows properly. That was the last time that she slept in my bedroom. Its funny now but it was very embarrassing then. :)

              In my childhood, I used to keep my clothes in refrigerator whenever my mother used to go to someone's house. When she used to come back and ask what this mischief signifies, I used to say,"it's too hot outside. I can't afford to dissolve in sweat" and my mother used to hit me lovingly. Yes, it is obviously craziness but the purpose at that age was to be organized when I dress up and not looked mess up and dirty with sweat running and smelling. I don't know how much this thing is imbibed in me and I never had toput much effort in being organized. My father always used to taunt and shout at me that whenever he asks me to study, I take half an hour to set my table, books, stationery and thus, waste the time. But he never understood the purpose behind that. Anything that's unorganized blows my patience away. I need a clean and set environment before starting my job. And hence, every time I visit a Nationalized private bank, I love seeing everything at its proper place and people sitting as if they are being programmed to work in a particular direction.

            At the age of 11, when I saw Kaun Banega Crorepati for the first time, I didn't know actually what Amitabh Bachchan is and how big phenomena and blaster he is. I found him Godly just for the reason that he was sitting in a nice suit, trouser, tucked tie and polished boot. I liked the whole outlook of him. And for the same reason, I have always loved Shahrukh Khan too. Not every actor but these two have always represented themselves in public professionally most of the times. And seeing them, I wish to be like them. The picture that I have posted above is not a try to be like them but this is how I always wished to be since I started thinking. :-) Even during those days of 11 years to 15, I always made my mother to purchase 3 piece or suit for me. While other friends of mine used to where cool dresses like jacket, t-shirt, jeans etc, I used to be in the event professionally. Every uncle passing across used to pinch my cheeks because they found me cute in that dress at that point of time. These days, girls have replaced uncles. Haha! Sorry.

           I just love professionalism and I admit that I could die without it. My laptop, my mobile, my personal diary- you get hold on any of them and you'll die by getting bored because there's nothing surprising in any folder. Enter any of them and you'll find all the professionalism accumulated in each one of them. Even when all the classmates of mine wore casuals in last semester, I was the only one wearing formals till the last date. It feels so good when you are in a perfect attire at a place where you are expected to work, learn and produce. Even at home, when people prefer wearing anything that like, I remember that I have never sat just in vests even when Mumbai radiates heat with more intensity than Sun. :-) My mother keeps scolding that your body will burn in this summer, please wear light clothes but I am always accessed in track pant and t-shirt, sometimes full sleeves too. I don't know what but I think I can never leave organizing myself and my things. Let it consume any amount of time because I understand how much it saves me from mishaps in future. :-)



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Anonymous said...

Superb piece... great message ..

Abhisek Rai Akrant

Isha Naidu's Blog said...

Awesome... Loved this post...it kinda remembered about my past as i use to do one same thing which where ill set my table before i study...if i dint do that i cant really focus on my studies...even till now...i make sure that i clean and good.. :) Well abhi this is what they call Self Managing...Great job...By the way wearing professionally its not really uncle...that is the real appearance in you through your heart..May be kids nowadays dont know that respects come through that.. Tc Abhi God Bless You.. Shri Sai Ram

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