12 August 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Everyone is Multi-Talented! Just Don't Get Satisfied!!!

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   Every time I talk to someone on Facebook who needs suggestion regarding his future or if sometimes my friends get serious, the only question that they hurl upon me is,"Mujhmein koi talent hi nahi hain. Main kya kar sakta hun?". How discouraging! In life, you need no one to motivate, guide and instruct you, if you yourself start believing in almost every thing you think or start doing. Initially, I used to think that "Nothing is Impossible" is such an irritating quote that every public figure uses every now and then. But now after putting my hands in few of such things that I never knew I would be doing, I am pretty confident that this quote surely has some meaning. Some? It is truly meaningful and something that you should always remember whenever you find that you are too down to believe yourself. Never ever get down to such a level where you start thinking that you can not do any thing in life except studying, passing out like every student does and get a job either in placement, walk-in interview or by someone's recommendation in their respective organization. There's always a fire in us that we, ourselves, have to ignite when everyone is standing with buckets full of water to cool down the passion within us. 

           The people who are leading a life of mediocrity and normalcy always seems to be worried that they have no talent. I doubt if you have ever tried to identify if you really have something or not. There's a myth among people that one night they'll sleep like every day and next morning, they'll do something that they'll realize "Oh this is what I am made for" and their journey towards success and recognition will launch. How sick! Nothing happens within a minute or an hour. It's pretty sure that there's a moment when you suddenly realize "Oh Yes. This is it and I never thought regarding it" but for bringing this echo out, you'll have to at least start doing something regularly to say that you never thought regarding it. Something natural will just not fall into your hands. You will have to climb here and there and get yourself mooted above.

          This is done regarding having at least a talent. There's another section of people who at least know what they are talented in and they do it occasionally just to keep reminding themselves that their body has a meaning on this earthly planet. Now, if you'll suggest them anything else, their only reply would be,"I am no Superman to do everything. I am not a machine. Go to someone who does not do at least what I am doing". And this is how they self-proclaim themselves as winner. There's no doubt that today talent-hunters ask for MASTERS and not someone of Jack-Of-All-But-Master-Of-None kind. But pick up anyone from the crowd who has been involved in almost every activity that's possible for a human to do and is currently dying of hunger. There would be no one. Hence, I can't even digest the ego of this group who are already into one field and are doing well than almost 90% of the audience and not thinking of something else in life. How can one sit with satisfaction? We have 24 hours, dude. Think! Of Something More!

             People get quite surprised when they see some or the other celebrity saying that they know something else apart from what they are known for. Currently, Shaan is dancing on Jhalak Dikhlajaa and people are shocked. Kapil Sharma can also sing well apart from being a stand-up comedian is again something people can't believe in. Farhan Akhtar is so many things himself. Amitabh Bachchan is an institution. Tell me in which book is this scientifically proven that a person can excel only in one activity? Or he can not be someone in whom we can find "some" of "every" thing? We can look good with an exercised and toned body, we can also have wonderful communication skills at the same time, we can also have etiquette according to the events, we can be okay at singing, good with dancing, fine with mimicking, be the best employee in our organization, be the best Artist in our own time, be a good family man, know swimming, have knowledge to play every sports, know cooking, driving, gardening etc all at the same time in the same life. Hence, even if you have established a talent in you, don't sit quietly, live as if this is your last birth if you believe in 6 coming after this :|. And those who are still to find themselves, stop being ***holes. 



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