4 August 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Friendship Day is a Serious Drama but....

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   Friendship Day has been formulated by the Marketing companies and since then, the first Sunday of August is treated as the day for friends. It's height of over-acting if you are meeting the same circle of friends almost every day and still planning for an event or a hang out on this particular day. Or making the day special by writing on the white T-shirts testimonials for them. Oh come on. Even if you feel the need of this day in your life to make your friends feel special about the relationship that two of you or many of you share, I would say there's something lacking within your circle. With my friends, there's so much understanding that I don't even meet them for years but yet when we call each other on our respective birthdays, there's no complain or grievance. All of them are enough conducive that we don't have to wait for this particular day to come so that we can enjoy our intersecting point. 

             Friendship Day, according to me, can be celebrated with those friends of our life who are left behind because of our hectic schedule. First of all, I believe that if your schedule is really hectic and you work like a mad person, you can never have time to celebrate such stupid days on which even our Government isn't giving National Holiday. :-) It's just that our Mobile Network providers get a chance to include it in Black Out Days and charge us for whatever we do in the name of wishing. Let's come back. There are certain friends of our who reside in the same city but since the organization got changed, we never got a chance to meet again. And these are the friends who have played a great role in our life for the tenure when we were together. Only to get connected back to these lost friends, I would say Friendship Day should stay and exist. Otherwise, for the friends with whom I am currently together with, every day should be celebrated rather than going out of the box and doing something insistingly on the name of Friendship. 

            Even my classmates were discussing about what has to be done on Monday to celebrate Friendship Day and I asked my best friend as to why there's need of this. She said to me that you better keep quiet as no one is going to follow your reserved ideas. We laughed and it all ended. Another friend was discussing this with me in FB Chatbox and in the end, said,"Har koi Blogger nahi hota". Sooner or later, people always follow the lines that are written in self-help or motivational books. Life teaches everything that's necessary for surviving and a day comes when it tells that all the money and time you wasted in parties were actually unproductive. In spite of doing that if you would have raised your standards, there could have been hundred of friends around you today but then, you were too busy to show all your friends how much you care and devote themselves. Life will teach, of course. 

             You would be saying that why are you so intense on every such day that is meant to be light and celebrated. I am not. I just get scared that anyone who's associated to me should not lose his life's purpose in these small celebrations that take away lots of time and resources and give nothing. A friend will always remain to be a friend and will always be available at the time of need without a mere request. He/she isn't a wonderful friend if he/she calls on such special days abut when we need them, they are always incapable of giving us any amount of help. A friend is always around us because there's a selfishness. There's no friend that remains with you once you become unproductive or fall below their stature. They leave you because the one with whom they forwarded their hand of friendship is no more the same person but someone who's a loser. This is why I ask to concentrate over yourself rather than on these petty things. And I am not against this day. I have already cleared my state above that this day has to be celebrated with whom and how. Hence, a very Happy Friendship Day to everyone who's heart still remembers my name but because of lack of too much of communication misses me. :-) 



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