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Who should be the winner- Fake Godmen or The Fighter Dabholkar???

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Late Dr. Narendra Dabholkar
   Dr. Narendra Dabholkar is no more. I am sure 99% of you do not know who he was. For 18 years, he kept fighting to impose an Anti-superstition bill. This bill is too essential in our society as we have seen how many Godmen and fraud Babas have kept on cheating people. In our country where more than 60% of the population is either illiterate or poor. They don't have much idea about how they are being fooled. These Godmen are in the business of fooling people on the name of religion and destiny, ask them for some money or compromise and promise them to get their work done. In the need, people find no direction and they directly reach to such offices. I travel by local train and I find many posters and stickers in the coaches where different Babas' numbers are being given and the promises such as any kind of problem will be solved within 48 hours are claimed. This is how open and public these God-men are. In such a society where still such people cheat us in a city like Mumbai, we can easily imagine how the people in villages, outskirts and not-so-metropolitan regions are looted. They don't even have much knowledge about complaining against such Babas.

          Dr. Dabholkar was shot dead in Pune. A man who was fighting against these fraudulent is assassinated. Now, is it too difficult for us to take a hint as to what group of people would have killed him? It's surely some or the other Godmen who would have got affected by his incessant protest against them. And such is the setting that even after his death, the criminals are not being caught by Pune police. Maharashtra Police is known for its immediate actions and arrests but whenever there's such issues, they sit silently and watch the whole scenario the way we watch Cricket matches. Coming to our Government, till the time this man was fighting, they never tried to even have a look at what he was proposing but the moment he died, to silent his supporters, Government passes the ordinance on his bill and says that it will be looked upon and implemented as soon as possible. And they sounded quite positive about it. The son of the late Dabholkar says that it clearly indicates that in our country, to pass something genuine and needy, a sacrifice is essential. Without it, no one looks at what you are screaming or shouting.

           Let me tell you the provisions under the bill- Superstitious activities that have ill effects and are widely performed across Maharashtra will be made punishable. The bill has provision for punishment ranging between 6 months' and seven years' imprisonment and penalty of Rs. 5000 to Rs. 50000. The punishable activities are human sacrifice, performing black magic, rites performed in the name of supernatural power, offering ash, talisman, charms etc for the purpose of exorcism, performing miracles and Aghori rites, sacrifice of animals for appeasement of gods or spirits, dispensing magical remedies for curing rabies and snake bites and medical remedies for infertility. To sell or deal in "magical" stones and bracelets would also be an offence. 

           How can these leaders pass something of this kind when we have seen during elections and rallies that the same ministers take blessings from such Godmen? It is sad to see someone dying after fighting for 18 years and Government passing the ordinance a day after his death. Waah! Coming to India's most popular Godman- Asaram Bapu, 2 days back, a 16 years old girl studying in his institution complained about sickness. Asaram called her in his room. When she entered, the room was dark and she found Bapu unclothed. He sexually assaulted her and warned her not to share the event with her parents. On Tuesday, she lodged an FIR against him. Irony is that the death of Dr. Dabholkar and the FIR against Asaram Bapu are part of the newspaper of the same day. In 2009, Baba was accused of attempting murder on a former follower. In 2010, Gujarat Govt claimed that Baba has encroached 67,099 sq. mt. land. In 2012, his 7 staffs were named in killing of 2 ashram boys, again a land matter was initialized. Regarding the Delhi gang rape incident too, he said that the mistake was of girl as she didn't call the rapists "Bhaiiya" otherwise they would have stopped the activity. Now, its upon us to answer, whether the Bill for which Dr. Dabholkar had to sacrifice his life should be brought up and implemented or not? 



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