31 August 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Are women immune?? Are men the only culprit??

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  A gang-rape in Mumbai and all we find around us is a pity situation for women of the city. I don't know why. This is the same city for which people say that let anything happen anywhere, Mumbai will never see such mass rapes incessantly the way it was happening in Delhi even when the protests for the Delhi gang-rape was on at India Gate. But now a gang rape happens and people have started projecting Mumbai as unsafe. If this is the call, let me tell you- every city is unsafe. Because no location guarantees the mindset and mentality of everyone living there. It just tells the culture of the place. Mumbai's culture has always been to work harder, produce as much output as possible, earn as much as one can and move hurriedly towards the next goal. No one walks slowly here. No one even tries to dominate the way of other because he is busy in overcoming his own potentials and results. Right from a small salesman to the CEO of a multi-national company, everyone has the same attitude which is what makes Mumbai whatever it is- A city of dreams. 

          Because a girl gets raped in an isolated region of a mill, one starts calling Mumbai unsafe. Oh come on! Such cases keeps on happening every day. Because rape is not done publicly the way it happened in Delhi and a molestation in Guwahati. Rape is something that the bastards do only when they find a proper time, proper place and proper situation. A rapist keeps on planning his event. It's not a spontaneous activity. One can say that 10% of these cases are spontaneous but generally, a rapist always plan as to how he has to touch a woman and calm his thunder. Read the rape case-reports and books based on it and you'll find what actually rapists think of themselves and women. It has been found that 90% of rape were brought in place by an acquaintance or someone the girl knew very nicely. Or its neighbour or its boyfriend and his friends. More than half the cases are the result of a relative, even father and brother doing it with the girl. How can you save girls here?

           So eliminating rape from the society seems to be impossible or very difficult. Police can't be at every doorstep and bedroom. The only thing which we want from them is to listen to us whenever there's such back drop in any locality unlike the way 4-5 policemen were discussing among themselves as to whose area's case it is while the girl was lying naked on the footpath and her friend was pleading for help in Delhi on 16th December, 2012. But I have seen something that irritates me every time a rape becomes the headline. All the men are generalized to be rapists or someone trying to quench his thirst by dominating his body over a woman's. This is severely wrong. Abuse only rapists. They are the ones who deserve all the thrash and not all the men. Many of us are the ones who save women from such men when they find themselves in problem and we are somewhere around. So please.

          And to others, I would say that too much pity on girls and demand for a death penalty is as insensible as saying that kill all the men so that women would be secured throughout. Not all women are Goddesses. Many of them are opportunists who want to benefit from such laws if passed. Recently itself, a news came where a girl accused a man for rape and later on, police identified that they were in a live-n relationship and when the things didn't turn around well and they got isolated, girl thought of utilizing the same privileges that are given to a wife by demanding his half salary, half property and other securities. She was sent to jail temporarily for the fals allegation of rape against him. Another woman was in news who filed a plaint against her in-laws that they are demanding dowry, harassing her and hence she wants a divorce and all the privileges that a woman gets. Her husband kept on telling police that she is lying. Without anyone's knowledge, police installed CCTV at their house and later found that woman used to lie. And once police started probing the case, they came to know she had various husbands whom she divorced by alleging the same crime on them and got money from everyone's family. 

          Just last week, a report came in Hindustan Times where a 22 year old girl was asked by conductor in a BEST bus to change her seat and sit in the seat that's reserved for ladies. She kept on arguing but didn't get up. At last conductor asked for the ticket to which she replied that she has a seasonal pass and hence she don't think it is to be shown every time she catches a bus. Even then the conductor kept insisting. She portrayed as if she is taking out the ticket from her bag but sprayed the pepper on the conductor's face which resulted in injury to conductor's face and also to the two men standing near conductor. The girl is being arrested temporary. Every girl was asked to keep pepper spray with them but who knew that this can also result in crime- this time from a woman's side. 

          Hence, stop pitying for every women. Just as every man is not innocent, every woman is also not. Balance both the genders equally. There are various reports where even a woman has caused severe harm to the man. But people forget such cases because there are less reports on them. As I said in my last post, how media is paid and how they need TRP. Such live reports will not generate any interest among viewers to which they think of shelving such news. As soon as the death penalty will get passed for anyone who declares that he raped the girl, some girls will start taking revenge of some petty issues by complaining of rape, harassment or molestation against boys. So rather than demanding such a law, be little more intellectual than you are trying to portray yourself as. Think from men's point of view too. Men are being made minority in this whole case because of few who have emerged out to be rapists. Remember- when there's devil in men, somewhere there's succubus in women too. In the end, I would just say that death penalty is not the solution. Something more genuine has to be thought about.



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