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Handling Success is difficult than achieving it!!!

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2 weeks ago, I saw the World Television premiere of Aashiqui 2, a film that turned out becoming a great box-Office success, surprise to many including me. Though I had to leave the film after watching first 2/3rd part of it. I was liking the movie only for the reason that I loved its songs. They are still the most played songs in my playlist. But I wasn't disliking the movie the way I was expecting myself to. I was finding some meaning in the story and the way story was progressing. It was hard to believe initially that someone who has been a great Pop Star Singer is reacting to petty situations so aggressively that he becomes a Bad Boy for everyone in the country. The story is about how a Rockstar turns out into someone who's a drug-addict now and a Super-flop person in life. Even when he tries to regain himself, he falls on his face. There are many live examples of this script and hence, this thought is in my mind till now. 

           All of us crave for success so much. Some of us end up struggling for the whole life time but never really get it. Everyone has different definition of success and hence with due respect of everyone's definition according to their perspective and priorities, we never get satisfied with something very less. Even if our Success means just to get a job after education, we dream of earning enough money so that we can eat our favorite dishes, get our child educated, treat our parents in their old-age with our money and satisfy wife's desire without much balancing of the expenditure. This is from a boy's perspective. Gaining even this is quite harder these days as competition has arose like anything and even politics in organization is no less than what goes in our country's newspapers every day in morning on First page. Someone whom we see with a car, a house, good bank balance and lifestyle, we feel so proud of the person. Hence, we can calculate that what a big achievement this is. 

            But the question is bigger this time. What after we get what we define our Success as? Suppose if one gets the kind of job I have spoken of above. He starts passionately and later on starts procrastinating thinking that Manager is always busy in his own iPad hence how could he be seeing him doing nothing. One day, a termination letter comes in hand and he realizes that how he should not have done this after being promoted to the post of Dept. Manager. But no one entertains him now as everyone knows the person does nothing except drinking coffee for free for the whole day every time a boy comes out for a round in staff cabins. This is how we lose what we have gained ourselves some months/years ago. This is what happens when we consider our Success as an usual event in our life and something that we can get it again and again within a minute once decided.

             When a person becomes successful in terms of fame and recognition, he loses it as soon as he shows anger, frustration, double standards etc in public. As soon as you get recognition, you should start behaving as if you are already a role model and youth icon for the nation. Though the journey is still as long as it was initially but we do not concentrate on these small things considering that who's watching us. Every thing has to be done appropriately till the end. I have heard of so many leaders, actors and players who kept on working with the same spirit till their retirements and even after it, they never spoke against anyone with whom they were associated with in their career. They have always been serious about the success that they achieved. They never took it lightly. They never made a mistake. 

            The biggest example we have in front of us is Rajesh Khanna's though the legend is no more with us. He got what actors are craving for even today but are unable to blow the mind of masses the way he used to with his presence on screen and off screen. But later on when he found that he is being overcome by some new actors, he started consuming alcohols more than possible and started playing with his career. Gradually, producers forgot him and with it, even people stopped missing him. Even Shah Rukh Khan was on the same path but luckily, he understood his mistakes and came back to what we have always known him for- his cool behavior. A journalist gets respect because of his credibility and once he loses that by a news, column or tweet, it takes all his career to get the same respect again. A teacher is students' favorite until he/she denote them with respect but the day teacher speaks something that's too nasty, students file a complaint against him and get him removed. Hence, friend, if you are successful or you turn out to be an achiever, make it sure that you don't play with your success the way Aditya Roy Kapoor did in the movie. Rather than concentrating on the love story, watch the movie again and observe this message of it. :-) 



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