13 August 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Experiencing Creativity adds Meaning in Life!!!

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       What is it that makes us cling to radio sets whenever we find them playing somewhere? What is it that makes us spend all our time in television sets the whole evening after returning from the work? What is it that makes us look at a good photography on Facebook which is being shared by one of our friends having a Point and Shoot camera? What is it that makes us go for movie on the First Day First show? What makes us watch The Newshour for 1.5 hours every night on Times Now? Why does Bear Gryll's Man vs Wild fascinates us? What makes us wake all night and read Chetan Bhagat's latest book and sleep down with smile to tell others the next day how we read a story that made us laugh, smile, cry and enjoy? It is the creativity that is present to us in different forms. Creativity moves on everyone. Creativity is the need of this time. We can't afford living our life without touching creativity of someone else.

             I find many 40+ uncles who proudly say that they don't like watching television, going to theater, enjoying Cricket match, listening music, traveling etc. And I tell you, if you have such uncles around you, try to talk with them for half an hour and you'll find 100 joules of negative energy filled in them. Talk to them about anyone and they'll give you 100 reasons why you should hate the person. Ask them their views on our country and they'll tell you why our country is worst and is never going to improve. Talk to him about technology and he'll say that he is happy with his Nokia 1100 and does not want to think anything over it. Discuss town's best restaurant with him and he'll say that he likes home's khichdi than any biryani available out of his door. This is what happens when a person keeps himself detached and away from creative people and art. One will have to accept that life is not only about your ego or will to stay bored. Saving money is different thing but one should understand that peace in life is more important than money, relations and power. 

              When you watch Madhuri Dixit dancing, there's an excitement and you want to touch her expressions and not her. It makes you smile for some time even when you are sitting alone in your bedroom. When we go to a restaurant and get to eat a delicious dish, we want to meet the manager and tell how wonderful his chefs are that they made our evening. When we see a wonderful movie, we want to tell the whole world how good the actors in the movie are. When we hear Sonu Nigamm singing, we forget that there are some other voices too in the universe. We just want to get sunk in his ocean of melody. When a good book is finished, we want to share it with everyone whom we want to learn the same messages that we got from the book. When we see a good photography of nature, we want to travel all world and see every beautiful location. This is how creativity influences our life. The only reason that I am still writing is because some of you love experiencing and rejoicing creativity. Otherwise there's nothing grand that I write or speak of. :-)

            We should try to find out time in life to explore the creativity and performance of others. It is sure that we should give lots of time to our own life to develop something to give to the human being and close people around us but we should not forget that our own work does not bring the needed peace in life. Only when we sit as an audience and get to see how a different human body created by the same God is proving that God exists, we get a spiritual feeling and we wish that there would have been no work in life so that we could have spent all our life in experiencing such pleasing arts. Why artists are respected and considered intellectual is because they are giving the human kind what could have been impossible if they would have sat idle and done nothing in life. "Old is Gold" the phrase has come into existence only because of the old arts that we enjoy even today. Be busy in life, be a workaholic but make it sure that you enjoy creativity of others. If you don't, remember, life will stink and start smelling. I am sure you do not want to stay in such conditions. :-) 


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