12 August 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

To Be Secure About Life and Money, Get TWO JOBS!!!

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   There are numerous times when we feel that our life is insecure. And the insecurity creeps in our life when we find that we are falling into depression or running out of money. If we are happy and we have enough to buy every thing that our life "needs", there would not come a single second of anxiety in life. But for that, we are ourselves the constructor and killer. It is we who can change our whole life and give it the motivation that it needs. I remember the time when I started this BLOG and everyone around me wanted this to be closed and terminated. A family friend was saying that you are not Aamir Khan or Amitabh Bachchan whom people would read. A relative was saying that I am ruining my English by writing these blogs. My father was saying that I am taking my studies lightly. My teachers were saying that I am trying to play with college's image by writing about it. Some of my friends used to say that I am inviting controversies in my life. But I stayed adamant and bad for everyone because I knew what I was bringing into my life.

              I always want to have a secondary target in life. I don't understand as to how can a person come back from college and don't do something different. I find those people coward who, after their job, do not do anything except watching television and sleeping early. They always have an excuse that they are too tired to even pick up the TV remote to change the channel. Height of wastefulness! There should always be a secondary motivation in life. I gave the example to my father too. I told him how when my studies does not give me a good result, there's something which happens in my Blogging career that makes my life as interesting as it is. Some times when I get criticism for a blog post or two, my assignment gets submitted in the college and teacher appreciates my work. This pushes me again. Sometimes when both of these things does not give me the satisfied result, my freelancing job gives me enough money that makes my bank balance smile which in turn makes me jump off from the ground to go high in the sky. :-) This is how doing many work with our primary job builds our life and never lets us fall into depression.

             Now the scenario with people like my father is that their boss says something to them and they remain worried about it and starts criticizing their job and life. They start comparing themselves with other. In spite of that if they wold have devoted themselves into a small entrepreneurship or business, they would have found another life that could have made them smile in the evening rather than crying for what happened in those 8 hours of work. It is you who has to chose how to smile in life. There are 100 reasons to cry and 1000 excuses to criticize. Even 10000 comments to make on others. But it takes just 1 more work in life to smile and stay happy and pushy in life.

           Today itself I came to know about a guy in my class who is as grounded as someone who is a failure in life. I never ever assumed or interpreted that he would be something bigger than what I see him in classroom. I got to see his Business card and through it I came to know that he has his own Classes with his own name in an area which is famous for good classes. He teaches the students from 1st to 10th std and also of 11th and 12th Science and Commerce of ICSE and CBSE board. Reading this in his Business Card kept my mouth open for 10 minutes. I kept staring at his card and thinking as to how is it possible for someone to work so extensively with a full time college. The story didn't end here. He also goes as a guest lecturer to another classes where he gets paid again. There's still a story left. He teaches a boy on Saturday and Sunday which again gives him his 3rd salary. And with all this, he submits his assignments on time. He has taken permission from HoD to give him little concession in attendance as he has to manage this and he is being permitted. This is CLASS. This is STANDARD. This is STATUS.

           Now, nothing can ever touch this guy. He earns through this classes what our fathers earn now. By the time his MCA would complete in next 2 years, he would be earning 1 lakh per month and can also start teaching BCA and BSc.IT. students. This boy will always remain happy in life because he has many reasons to feel motivated. This is what we should try to do. A secondary work is important. You will have to involve yourself in something. There's a carpenter who was working in my house for last 3 days. He was telling how he works with his cousin from morning 6 to 9. Then at 9, he comes to the field where his boss calls him. He works there till 6 PM, the way he was working at my house too. After 6 when he is being permitted to go home, he does not go at his home. Rather than that, he again goes to work with his brother. This carpenter has a luxurious house, a car and almost every gadget that a middle-class house-owner has. He was saying that he has everything from AC to Inverter to car to electronics gadget, he just does not have his own house which he would be purchasing by year end. 

             This carpenter, like others, can work from 9 to 6 and go back to his home but he is working from 6 AM to 10 PM and is not regretting. He says that he does not fear about him being declined from his job because he has carved many ways out by working for almost every renowned carpenter and furniture showroom in the area. Even when he is a carpenter, I started seeing him as if he's a Doctorate. And over this, he says that he is not even trained in this field, he just learnt by watching others work near to his home in his village. Can you believe? But its true. Hence, whenever you tell us how sucked up you are at your work place or college, I don't feel pity because its you who has let this depression come into your life and make money a temporary affair in your life. Others are struggling to overcome this, how can I sympathize for you? Never. Let's have 2 jobs friends. Let's have two works in life. There's no point in resting for the whole evening. No person who wants to be happy does this. Let us stop too. And let us begin now. Get Set Ready Po!!!!


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SagarTilwani said...

Thanxalot abhilash...this one was a much needed text at this tym for me...highly encouraging...:)

Sandeep Kanabar said...

Very inspiring especially the MCA student who's taking tutions!! But Abilash, let me present a different view - is money everything? If a person works from 6am - 10 pm, when would he spend time with his family? What's the use of earning money but never having time to spend? There should be a balance of everything in life!!

Unknown said...

wonderful piece of information, I had come to know about your blog from my friend Nandu , Hyderabad, I have read at least 7 posts of yours by now, and let me tell you, your website gives the best and the most interesting information. This is just the kind of information that I had been looking for, I'm already your RSS reader now and I would regularly watch out for the new posts, once again hats off to you! Thanks a ton once again, Regards, cbse 12th result 2014

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