21 August 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

A Message to all the Sisters!!!

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    It's 24 hours since Rakhi is being tied up in my right wrist (by my mother as I have no sister). It signifies that a sister, with all her love and respect for the brother, considering him the best, protective, caring and closest, asks to give her safety always, in no matter what. The beauty of this festival can not be talked about. For every brother and sister, Raksha bandhan is one festival that they always wait for. It is a day when sister knows that she will be gifted something from her brother that she has been waiting for a long time. A poor brother at least gifts his sister her favorite chocolate and a rich brother ends up giving things like mobile, scooty etc. This is the day that all the boys dedicate it to their sister. There's no shyness in moving here and there with Rakhi in our wrists. Because it signifies that we have someone who loves us with all her heart and demands safety from us. Even sisters want to meet their friends and tell what their brothers gifted them.

           I, being a single child, never got the fun that boys have with their sisters. But I always had in mind that if I would have had an elder sister how she would have been and if she would have been younger, how complaining to parents she would have been. I, when, sometimes see some girls achieving high in life or doing something incredible, I wish I could have had a sister who could have shown the world how ladies can break all the barriers that men fail in. I don't imagine my wife doing it, I don't imagine my mother doing it, I just imagine either my imaginary sister achieving heights or my daughter, once I get married and go through that pleasure which we all want to enjoy in full enthusiasm. :-) Sisters are the most beautiful soul in the world. She's the only girl whom we respect and never think ill about. She is the only one whom we don't judge when we make a generalized statement towards girls. And this is what should act as an eye-opener to us.

           Whenever we judge any of the girls or we think of ruining the life of a girl, either known or unknown, we should think if some other boy would be planning the same with my sister. How sad and helpless situation it would be. I have seen group of boys crushing a boy almost to death or unconsciousness just because he tried to ruin life of their sister. This is what happens when sisters are being hurt. Hence, whenever we go over the top with any girl for revenge or whatever, we should consider that the girl is someone's sister. Let me make one more thing clear. Even if you have a girlfriend, even if she does not have a brother, think and only then break the limits with her. Because imagine the state of mind of her brother when he'll come to know that his sister has slept with someone who may not be her husband in future. This is something as painful as the last breathe. And this is what results in more than half of the crime of the world. 

           I have always made it clear to myself that I won't be getting in that kind of a physicality with any girl before marriage. Some things are made to be done only after marriage. You never know what tomorrow can bring for you. You never know what your mind would be thinking tomorrow after getting little more mature than what it currently is. You never know whether all the 4 parents would be thinking the same about your relation the way they are thinking now. Hence, when everything is unsure before marriage, why to go through that phase which should be the last in the relationship and the one that should happen only after you are tied up in this relationship called "Married"? This is the most that we can do for our sisters and all the sisters of the world. Yesterday itself I saw a boy man-handling his girlfriend at the station just because she was not answering to him. This is just not allowed. 

          And to all the sisters of the world, I would say just one thing,"Never let yourself be harassed or played with. Make sure that you have your own voice and freedom of taking decisions. The moment you find that you are stuck in some trap, do discuss with your parents. I know they will scold you but they are the ones who'll drag you out of any shit that you would have fallen in. Always keep your parents in mind whenever you get into a relationship or fall in love. You never know whether the person you are with deserves you or not. Initially, everyone seems to be sweet and quiet. It is only after some time that you realize he has all the personal things of yours that can make you be his slave for all your life. In such times, it's only your parents who can help you get back to your normal life. Make sure that you don't hurt yourself. You are very sweet and kind for us, and hence, we can't see you in trouble. Without girls, we won't be having this world. And without sisters, we could not have realized how sweetest and caring a girl can be. There's a dialogue in Chennai Express when SRK says in background,"Isliye hi kisi ne kaha hai ki aurat ko koi nahi samajh sakta". Because you all are much better than the minds of our, men's" :-)



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Soulmate said...

I demanded a novel from my brother, as always, after reminding him to let me know in advance which book he is planning to buy, in case I have already read it:-)
And happy rakshabandhan Abhilash! This was a very beautiful post to read. Every sister would keep nodding to every line that you have written!

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