22 August 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Be your BEST in EVERY SECOND!!! Better Than The Best :-)

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  Every morning, I get up and I see myself in mirror. If I find that I am not looking as great as yesterday, I start working over it. I shave, I apply cream, I comb my hair 100 times, I settle my clothes again and again until and unless I don't feel that this is the best that I can be. And the moment I realize that "Yes, this is it", I walk up with confidence to do the same with all the other departments of my life. I remember the happiness I went through once I realized that I will have to wear no specs again in life after my lasik surgery. I dressed up like every day and when I felt that something is incomplete on my face still it's looking great, I almost jumped in happiness that this is how I'll always look. Specs used to hide my face which disappointed me, always. And therefore its sudden absence from life gave me a very warm feeling.

          Every day, when I go to college, I make sure that not even a single day should come when any of the classmates can say to me "Kuch hua hai kya?". No. This day has actually never come. I had not let it come. I have always made it sure that I'll have to be my best wherever I am. And this is why I don't like those who come in the morning with a rotten face and don't reply to your hello with the enthusiasm that you expect. They don't even talk to you properly and their face is such that insists you to ask if something has happened with them. This is the worst appearance that someone can give of his/her in the morning. We should always quest like mad to be our best. 

           I remember the times when I used to sleep in class like crazy. Let it be any lecture- interesting or boring, I used to have a good nap because all the night, I used to be busy in writing blogs and reading books. But later on I realized that this is not what my best is. My best is far above this. And then, in this vacation, I worked upon myself. Now I have started sleeping early-by 2 AM whereas previously, I used to sleep at 4-5 AM. I have started waking up at 5.45 AM whereas previously I used to wake up at 7.30 AM. I have started working out and exercising in the morning for an hour whereas previously I used to work out in the evening and not for more than half an hour. Now I feel myself as a totally changed personality- a better one. And now, if I consider that I am giving my best, I want to make myself more powerful for myself, that means I am craving for being Better than the Best- of my own version. Competing with others will make me satisfied with whatever I am today. Competing with thyself will make me go beyond the access of my own reach. And only when I'll find it harder to manage my bestial performance will I feel that I am on the right path and near to my destiny.

            When I am at home, I refrain from attending any phone call. Some of my friends even hate me for this. But I have different view over this. I feel that already the whole day goes with friend. Even if the friend is not with us in the same college/profession even then whenever we were together, our days used to begin with them and end up only when the sun used to set in the evening. So when I am at home in the evening, I make it sure that I give my best to my mother and father. They are the ones who love my presence more than anyone else. If one day, the friendship or relationship will break, people will forget me after getting acquainted with someone new. But in whatever case, my parents will keep loving me with the same intensity for the years to come. I have seen people dying and their relatives and best friends moving on but their parents stop living their life and this continues until they are really dead. Hence, when at home, I give my best in being the best son. Even when I fight with my mother sometimes, I go after some minutes, make her laugh, tell her that it's my mistake and co-ordinate the whole thing again. 

            I have seen that sometimes people come casually while sometimes they come with their best make-up, mood and are ready to perform as best as they can. And this is what I don't understand- why then they don't try to be the same every time, in every moment of their life? Why don't we value every second of our life the way we value the minutes on which our life's future depends on? Why is that only when someone goes on a date or for an interview or to visit some VIP is that they look their best, why not when they are just going to college or for a job? What I want from everyone of you reading this post is to be your best every day. Even when you are alone, wear and live as if you are the king. No, I am not saying to keep this as an ego but as a performer. Think of yourself as a performer while doing anything. I have seen this nature in girls that they try to look their best and do their best every now and then. It's we, the boys, who take half of our living casually. Let's stop doing that. And yes, I am not saying this only for dressing up and making-up yourself to your best but in your work, basically. When you give your best in your work daily, you automatically start valuing yourself and these things comes in course automatically. :-) 



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Hey abhi..so sorry been a lil busy in life with to much of obstacles in it... been getting over it..and yeah in cause of that couldnt follow up your blog...Just had a lil time to read up..And as usual this post has really rocked my questions in my head..it has given me an answer... This post is really really useful for me..thank you so much..and yeah keep going abhi.. :) Tc GBU Shri Sai Ram.. :)

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