3 August 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Inspiration is in your classroom itself. Just Open Your Eyes!!!

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  We waste enough time in testing the legends or celebrities to make one of them our role model or idol and follow them passionately. We want to be like them and wish to be better than them at the point of time when we would be of their age. We find inspiration from them. At least some of us try to search inspiration within them every time we find that they are visible on the television screen or printed in a book/magazine. Anyone excited about any of the field find such people interesting and wants to know about their personal life so that they can get some inputs and be at least a bit of what they naturally are. As I invest all my time in reading about these great personalities and others too, many of my friends keep asking me for a source of inspiration and I only say to them that inspiration is around us and nowhere in those areas which are almost fictitious to us. Why to wait for inspiration to get from such personalities who would never come to us and we, ourselves, will spoil our life and then blame them. Why to get into such stupid things? It is better to avoid it initially itself. 

           Recently, our teacher asked for the Top 2 Rankers of my class to give a presentation. The 2nd ranker boy started delivering his presentation. I kept seeing it with lots of concentration because it wasn't a normal presentation on one of the topic in syllabus made by copy-pasting the material from Internet. He was introducing us to two projects that he created during the summer vacations when some of my classmates were engaged in trip while others were relaxing in their hometown and rest were wasting their time in sleeping and doing nothing. If anybody who does not come under any of these category will be the one who would always be ready to give excuses as to why they were unable to get to a next level even though they wanted to do something creative and emerging. I am myself trying so hard in life that I just hate this breed extremely. They, actually, never try passionately and then blame others for not being favorable to them. Leave them. I felt so proud for the Topper that I got inspired. 

            Later the first topper came and presented her topic. She was enough confident and flawless while presenting. Some of my classmates would have planned how to excel against her when their turn comes but I was seeing her as an inspiration. Such people who does not compromise with their talent becomes my favorite. I may not tell them on their face because I feel quite shy about it but I silently admire them. As Robin Sharma says,"Losers get jealous. Winner gets inspired". I really get inspired whenever I see some student from my classroom doing something that's quite different and unique. These people who attain successes or excellence are ones those never make an excuse. They just showed the other classmates about what they are and how some of us can also be what we want to.

              Even when I see some of my classmates organizing and working in College events and still doing very well in studies, I feel like I sit in a room which is full of people who have the idea of how important 24 hours are for us. Because only those people learn such things as to how to utilize the time rather than wasting it to develop new excuses for the society to tell them why they have been unable to do something that their classmates has. Having potential is totally different from utilizing it. Only when you implement your knowledge that it becomes productive else it's as useless as Internet Explorer's icon on our Desktop. I know how tough MCA is. I am myself finding it hard to cope up with it. So it automatically becomes big for me the moment I see someone scoring good marks and yet participating in other co-curricular activities of the college too. These people are certainly going to be the Rockstar throughout their life while others whom I see doing with handful of subject drops are those who are relying to submit their life on their father's saving.

            Seeing a newly toned body of one of my classmate has inspired me to join gym after 2 months of continuous workout at home. The photo-editing excellence of another made me learn it by myself and upload pic in my College's FB group. The talks of a teacher made me realize that latest magazines of my IT field should be referred and I have issued one today itself. Why to search for inspiration when its available just around us. The people in our surroundings are themselves enough eligible to make us realize what's right and what's wrong. We just have to behave like a gentleman and see them as inspiration rather than pulling them down for what they are doing. I have never made fun of anyone around me who has been trying to do something excellent in his/her life. Instead I have always forwarded helping hands if they get stuck in future over something in which my help can turn out to be beneficial. So friends, be sincere now. Not much life is left to be what we can be. Later on, there's just regret and weeping. Please avoid such disheartening future. 



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Nice one...The tittle is really superb one..thank you abhi.. :)

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Amazing. I was so low at this hour. And your post made me smile. Gave some inspiration. I need it every now and then when i get lazy. Next time i would find it myself. Nice.

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