31 July 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

4th Anniversary of My BLOG- "ARB"!!! It's OUR Achievement!!!

903rd BLOG POST -->>

For people with passion, there's nothing that can stop them
    11 days ago, I wrote my 900th BLOG POST and it gave me immense happiness. It's not that it was the first time that I wrote a flagship but because I had a target and dream which I achieved with it. I wanted to write at least 900 Blog Posts before completing 4 years of my Blogging career. And I achieved it 11 days before deadline. :-) On 31st July, 2009, I wrote my 1st Blog Post that was read only by me and another friend of mine who does not read my blog anymore after reading some of my initial shitty posts. Haha! Now, after 4 years, my blog- ARB is 900 Blog Posts old which is quite unbelievable to me because then, I took an oath that I would write many posts in my life but I never knew that I would really remain so committed to this thought of mine. Now as this target is achieved and I have written more than 13 lakh+ words on this medium that is definitely more than 20 average novels that we see in Indian market, I am rest assured for the next one year at least.

           No, this does not mean that I am lowering the amount of dedication or commitment that I have with this beautiful heavenly entity but I am just going to write few posts in comparison to how I have written in all these years. For 2013, I am here the way I have always been but from 2014, I may be very reserved. There's an ambitious project that I have always dreamed to live and haven't got time still because I devoted everything of mine in building this medium and strengthening its foundation. Now I think that people won't forget me even if I stop blogging because my regular readers have become a family and no one forgets the naughtiest member of family. Right? :-) But what I have always craved for is to see my name on the front cover page of a printed book. I have come in the pages of some authors' books, I have come on the back cover page of an anthology where even I contributed a story, I am on many book-related websites/blogs/advertisements but I am still not on the Front Cover Page. This is the next target after achieving another brilliant landmark of "1000 BLOG POSTS" which I am going to try hard to complete this year. 

            Blogging has been a journey that has been so personal to me yet public. I never knew that I would ever get to impress strangers because I wasn't much expressive even in my friend circle. Yes, I was fun to be with, I used to make people laugh, enact our teachers, uncles, parents etc, do crazy stuffs but never did I express what's in my heart to anyone except one friend. When i started blogging, I was very adamant that I will try to be expressive. Though I wrote very poorly in the beginning but every post of mine has what i actually used to think at that point of time. Though the process of thinking wasn't much dignitary but it was true. Because of being truthful on this portal, I had to delete 20 posts for which a girl complained in my college as it had matters related to her. It had hurt me so much that I made it sure I won't delete any posts once written about anyone. After that, I have written so much about varied personalities that their followers could have beaten me up anywhere in my city where such incidents are quite popular but never did I face such calamity. Again, I believe because I have been honest by heart and true by words. :-) I boast so much about myself, hai na? 

          Now that 4 years of my life has already been given to my passion, hobby, interest, vision, mission, goal, objective, target, dream etc., I feel as if i have lived all my life because there's not many who devote themselves in what they want to do. Half of them keep thinking as to what they are good in or what should they do or when should they do. I, I don't know how, got this guts to at least start this at the age of 19 when I didn't even know much about life and its scope and variety. Now, at the age of 23, I feel so confident just because of something of so respected field-Literature/writing/blogging/journalism standing so firmly on this ground of social/online media. Once upon a time, what's Internet was not even a question in my life and today I am making so much out of it that my whole life is dependent on what I do through it. Without Internet, I would become a stranger whom not even a neighbour knows. By the age of 60, when I would retire from my Software Engineering job, my experience in this field would be more than it, my marriage, my experience that as of a father, a husband, a boyfriend etc. This is how big these three words "A R B" will remain for me. Only with death will this get isolated from me. 

           I would like to thank all of you for staying with me up till now. I don't know if I'll be enough deserving in future to be read/followed/looked-forward-to but as of now, I bow to each one of you reading this. May God Bless all of you. Keep spreading the name of my blog. Hope some day even I would be honored with a respectable honor from my nation. :-) There's no problem in dreaming big because it is a reality-in-future if we are really applying right formulas to convert it into reality. :-) 



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Isha Naidu's Blog said...

To be honest i can say this is the biggest achievements in your life..through ur blogs i can say u have well observe people around you...and i really love reading your blog because you dont write fantasy but you always write reality that always inspire me.. Looking forward to meet you when i get to India... :) Really proud to say that you are my friend thou we only no through networks... :) Hope all ur blogs will inspire more teenagers nd yougsters like me..Tc Man.. You are the coolest,Finest Man ! GBU.. Shri sai ram :)

Isha Naidu

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