16 August 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Chennai Express!! Watch only if you liked Salman Khan's movies!!

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  The trailer of Chennai Express didn't impress me much and hence I made it sure that I won't be watching this movie at any cost in the same way as I ignored Ready, Bodyguard, Ra.One and many other naam-bade-darshan-chote kind of films. But I was surprised when I found my father saying that he wanted to watch Chennai Express. This is the first time in last 24 years when he has said it for some movie. At the moment itself, I got to understand the kind of marketing and promotion Shahrukh Khan has done that a person like my father also knows that a movie of his has released and is running in theaters. Movie has already created a record by shattering all the previous ones by collecting 150 crore in just 1 week. It might break the all time record of 203 crores that is owned by 3 Idiots still. Let's see if King Khan manages to do it. It would be great to see 3 Khans at the Top 3 in the chart. :-)

          Chennai Express is an entertainment-pot-boiler for which you will have to keep your brain and logic at home, the same thing that you are required to do while watching the movies of SRK, Salman Khan and Shahid Kapoor. Movie begins with SRK getting stuck in a train named "Chennai Express" while going to Goa with his friends. He has to submerge the ashes of his grandfather's body in Rameshwaram river located in South India. In the train, he meets Deepika who is being kidnapped by her father's men because she runs away as she does not want to get married to the man whom his father has chosen for her. And from here, SRK gets stuck with these 4 kidnappers and Deepika and what happens throughout the movie is what Chennai Express is all about. As you have seen, the movie has no epic story or something for which you should be dying to see it. But if you are a great fan of entertainment or you love any of the two, Shahrukh Khan or Deepika Padukone, go for it. 

           Through out the movie, you will find Shahrukh Khan playing himself- a guy with good sense of humour, witty and keeps you engaged in himself. It's all fine with this. Deepika Padukone is the sweet heart of the movie. She is the reason why I liked Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani a bit more and she is again the reason why I was able to suffer Chennai Express with no head ache. If it would have been Katrina in spite of her, I would have not even written this review, seriously. There's a scene when SRK picks her up in his arms and climbs 300 stairs in accordance to a tradition in South. The expression that Deepika Padukone gives during that whole scene and the temple scene that follows after this stair scene tells how great an actress she is turning out to be with time. That's the only scene for which I would remember this movie. Shahrukh Khan is good in parts but in some scenes, he does irritates. 

             All the rest South Indian actors and villains have done tremendously good job. Even when we aren't familiar with any of those faces, we do not get bored while watching them. But take into notice that the movie isn't in the way Rohit Shetty makes movie. I still like his Singham more than any other movie. Chennai Express is no where close to it. Music of the movie isn't connective. Actions are nice and not over done. In all, I would say that only when you have no other work in life for that 3 hours of the time when you would be going for this movie, go otherwise wait for other good movies to release, watch them. :-) And I can assure you that this movie is at least better than Salman Khan's last 4 releases. Now if you liked any one of them, you can definitely go for this one. Bwahahahaha! 


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Unknown said...

i loved it... better than ek tha tiger :D

Soulmate said...

My aunt went to watch the movie and came back hugely excited. I asked her whether she liked the movie, to which she ordered me to find out the meaning of Thalaiva first!

Unknown said...

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