31 August 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Whenever a rape happens!!!

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   After all that happened after Delhi gang rape, we thought that there will at least arouse a little fear in the minds of rapists or the men who thinks women as objects. But its not even an year and we can see how even Mumbai has witnessed something so similar to it and that too at 6 PM in the evening when everyone in Mumbai in every damn area is working. But is there any way through which we can stop this phenomena of rape that has hampered our society brutally? It is not only about the crime against women but we also remember how once upon a time, there was news of small children getting abducted, kidnapped and then killed. No one ever came to know about its reason. Their parents weren't even asked for money. Just kidnapping and then killing while students used to return home after their school. This is something which even if society wants, can never be changed. Because its part of the same society which gets indulged in such activities. 

            Whenever a rape happens in India, rather than fighting against it we find our politicians making comments on the women of India. Some asks them to ignore talking to men, some says that too much openness has lead to this, some says that women is like gold, expose them and they would be looted, some asks girls to be at home by 7 PM etc. in the similar note. The irony is that Abu Azmi is making comments whose own daughter-in-law works in movies and can be seen in exposing costumes. No, I have no problem with that. I will never have. This is what she choose for her life. But a person whose directly connected to her making such comments about women shows what he might be thinking about his own daughter-in-law. Better not make comments that becomes so derogatory or direct that we start feeling unsafe from our Ministers too. There's no law still that can at least make a rapist feel the pain of the girl they cause so much harm to. Rather than working over it, different ministers from diffrent parties starts showing how much indecent they are. Shameful!

           Media! Whenever a rape happens in India, media starts working over every place that's near to the location where the first rape happened which became news. And for the whole day, they keep showing the counter which shows how a rape happens after rape every minute and we are doing nothing except watching TV. Media is a wonderful source in today's era where they can control and change the whole scenario of how people think and what nation needs. If they stop charging money for showcasing news, they can easily help out the mass and give them a proper direction. But the amount of negativity and hulla-baloo that they go through makes us feel as if nothing will change at least for next 100 years in our country. The kind of debates they initiate by calling people from different fields of society shows how much they die for TRP even in the course as such. Instead of that, they should visit bus stands, villages, offices and directly ask girls about what they are facing in their day to day life and try to bring some change by directly making them take the name of the person troubling them. Prove the person guilty and then show it on television. At least that might bring some change but no, debate is all that'll stop rapes.

             Bollywood! This is another segment which makes us feel that their presence will bring some delight and change in our life. We feel that they can bring pristine change among the people who think wicked and dirty. But we see them commenting through their Twitter and Facebook accounts but very rare like Farhan Akhtar comes out with a real initiative that can teach man what the real manliness is. By dominating and shutting up women, they don't become men. In Fact they kill their dignity and make that victim judge every man as the same. A tweet can only change things if written in a manner that can show how they themselves have gone through the same and took actions. But instead they direct movies in which they themselves show women as objects and later on say that women are not object and they are to be respected. Just go and check all the item songs made in last 10-12 years and Bollywood, you'll realize that even you play your part in cultivating dirtiness in some unstable mindset of men. 

           And we the Society, the most important part of this event. What do we do? Do we have any option?  We only know that these things will keep happening every now and then. And we can not run away from it. We are in it. We are among these dirty men who come in group and make us feel alone and unsafe. Being a boy myself, when I see a group of boys together, I feel that if they start abusing me on the name of anything, I will have to get bullied. A girl is of course someone who'll have to suffer a lot in the name of being physically weak. We, as a society, can do only one thing seeing the current situation. Train ourselves. Get into gym, karathe or any other martial arts training and make it sure that we son't find ourselves physically weak whenever such attacks happen. Because another important segment of the whole event- POLICE never takes responsibility of common men. They are programmed to treat and save only VIPS. More than 50% of police force of Maharashtra is assigned for VIPs. This itself shows that how much safe and dependent on Police we are. So lets start preparing our own body to defend ourselves or attack whenever such phenomena repeats, and this time with us. :-( Let's be strong. No other option. That's my country. 



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