11 August 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Is Mixing Cricket with Politics any Good For Our Cricket?? Then Why?

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 In today's article by Karan Thapar in his well-renowned column "Sunday Sentiments" he talks about Cricket. I don't understand at first that what's the point in talking about it when he himself clears in the first paragraph that he isn't a fan of Cricket and does not watch the game. He says that whenever he is being asked to write any article on Cricket, he gets totally dependent on his producers and researchers. Never ever would I attempt something that's not of my league. Have you ever seen me writing on Football? Or commenting on someone who is a genius or has a power mind when it comes to history of Football? Never ever touch something that you are not genius in. Karan Thapar has been one of my favorite columnist but he has disappointed me a lot by the kind of take he has taken on the recent India-Zimbabwe series that we ended on winning note. Whenever there's a malicious wrong reporting, both the journalist and media loses its credibility. 

               Parvez Rasool being picked up in the squad for the recent series and not being allowed to play a single game; Is this happening for the first time in history of Cricket? Ok. Now you say that everyone was given chance and even then Mr. Parvez was made to sit in the pavilion rather than participate in the game. Is this happening for the first time? No. Now some of the posing intellectuals say that even when India won the series by 3-0, they should have made him part of one match out of the rest 2. And others say that at least after we were 4-0 in the series, a chance should have been given to Rasool. They are not wrong. They aren't demanding something as tough as voting Congress for next 5 years but then, are the people who firing questions a genuine audience? There has never been such questions before on any player with this intensity. Why on Rasool then?

              Because he belongs from the controversial land of Kashmir. There were certain emotions attached with him the moment he got selected in the squad but because the Indian Cricket Team Captain for the series, Mr. Virat Kohli didn't select him for any of the matches, people have started criticizing the Indian Cricketing committee- BCCI and Virat Kohli for showing immaturity. I don't understand as to why would an intelligent person chose to intersect politics with Cricket. Let the two departments be parallel. Why do you want to involve both of them together as rows and columns of a matrix and then draw an arc showing the involvement of both of them with each other. I know that there are instances when we see that India's and Pakistan's leaders come together to see an Ind-Pak match but that's because of a totally different reason- to make people understand that Cricket is above these things. It's just a sport and not a war. Stop clubbing a sport with something that's too dirty to even talk about.

            I, as a performer, always wishes to give my best and the best comprises of out of out marks or points. When I decide to write a blog post every day, the best performance would be 1500 posts in 1500 days. Even if its 1499 in the said days, I will be disappointed that even after being so close to the target, I missed it due to involving external factors into my track towards progressing the perfection. This is what even Virat Kohli said that they wanted to give their best even after being 4-0, they were craving for white washing the series and he didn't feel to change the squad for the 5th match. His comment is related only and only with Cricket and how a match/series has to be won involving no politics as to who Parvez Rasool is or what his background is. Makarand Waingankar, who introduced Suresh Raina into Cricket, also said that Raina had to sit for 5 matches before getting the chance to be in the Top 11. Politicians like Shashi Tharoor and Omar Abdullah are en-cashing on this issue. Better shut up, respected politicians. And Mr. Parvez Rasool, please give your take on this and shut the idiotic perspective of people and criticism on our Indian Cricket Captain, team and committee. And Mr. Karan Thapar, take a break.



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