21 August 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Our Country is wonderful only when we are!!!

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    3 days back, we celebrated Independence Day. I still remember the times at school when we used to dress in white kurta-pyjama and go for flag hoisting. Since then, even when no one gave any motivational or inspiring talk on nation, there used to be goosebumps as soon as the flag would start waiving in the air after hoisting. Automatically and voluntarily, our right hands used to go up towards our forehead and we used to salute our flag with all the pride of this world. This is how the land where we take birth, live and grow in, becomes as close and personal to us as our mothers in whose body we live for 9 months, learn everything from her and grow with her. This is the sole reason why we call our country- Motherland. And as we never speak anything against our mother, her character, her thoughts, her lifestyles etc, we also follow the same rule for our country. Though with each day, I can see the integrity and craziness for the country getting diminished from the hearts of our people but I am quite hopeful that there will come a generation when we will see them doing well for the nation. 

             Ask anyone if they have thought of something for nation and there would be a big NO in reply. No. I am not saying that every person should go and stand at LoC for the sake of nation but even a bit of concern for the nation by each one of us can do wonders. Even if we individually grow ourselves keeping in mind that we will represent India one day or will be one of the bests in the field that we are working in, it indirectly develops India. When we see that people aren't getting jobs because thye are not specialized in any field, we see that the nation is nourishing many youths who are jobless and are dying for every meal. This is how nation gets defamed or down-trodden if we don't develop ourselves in life. Suppose if I turn out to be one of the top bloggers of India and some day, there would be an International event where the Top bloggers of every country would be called, and if I get a call that means I would be representing my country at that level. So, even when I was engaged with my dream of blogging, indirectly I was doing my bit for the country. I hope you got it now. :-)

             I saw many of us saying if we are really independent. Yes, we are. Just because our government is bullshit and our ministers are looting us, our country does not become a slave of it. It still remains to be our country. We just shout sitting at home rather than doing something to free our country from the clutches of these ministers. We have ourselves allowed them to loot our country and destroy its integrity and strength. I remember that when I was child, all the elders always said that India is know to be the country of cultures, traditions and purity. With time, now even a kid says that our nation will never improve. By the time we will keep on saying this, our nation will really never aggravate from the position it is in. We will have to be together and do something against our government. Now who'll come up as a leader and how, that is to be seen. It can be me, you or your neighbour. But it would be surely someone among us. A common man.

            Coming to the poverty and inflation, I would say that's what every country goes through. Today we are down but some good strategies can bring us back into power. America itself has said many a times that if some country deserves to be a Super power it is none other than India. This is the potential we have. And if we aren't utilizing it for us and our country's welfare, we are misusing ourselves. When Anna Hazare stood up and we got a ray of hope, all of us participated in it some or the other way, but with time, the movement turned ineffective and we lost our interest. This is where we failed. Anna Hazare won. He won the moment we felt in our hearts that the revolution is coming. But we failed the moment we judged him and left the movement in between. We should have continued with it. It has been 63 years now, since our Independence. If negativity is to be judged, yes our country has many. But if the progress is to be seen, it is more than the negativism some cynics and critics see. I am happy with my nation. Yes sometimes it does make me upset. But then I think what's my participation in the growth of my nation. And the answer makes me wake up again and at least do something than criticizing. And I hope that some cool people like us will surely churn the nation for its good. :-)




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