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3 Years of Graduation Days!!!

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   Whenever it becomes a generalization in life that we will have to leave what has to be left now and enter a life that will take us above from where we are, we go through huge tornadoes in our mind and soul. We feel weak. We feel uncertain. We feel as if why God has made such culture of life for any single person residing in any corner of this world. Right from before we enter the world, we have to go through adaptation and change. Coming from mother's womb in the bed lying besides her & then mother to going to our maternal house then paternal house and finally residing in a house that our father himself owns. Then moving to a school and then getting it changed due to father's transfer or resign.. and then various changes keep happening in our lives. Even when we don't want to chose it, we keep our fingers on it and move ahead for betterment of it, to see the improved version of our self. One such choice and a turning point of life began on 3rd August, 2009 when I attended my Graduation College for the first day. 

            Who knows what's in store for us? Who knows which of these strange faces would become the lifetime association? Who knows what comedies and tragedies are we going to be a part of? Every thing is new on the very first day and its often bad or boring for 95% of students. Only the extrovert and over-smart people enjoy their first day of college. It's the beginning of the most over-rated or I can say, rightly-rated COLLEGE DAYS. Truthfully speaking, even I was very excited on this very day. How exciting it is to see who are going to be our companion for the next 3 years of life which are one of the most important segments in our journey. And we already start judging people as to who is arrogant, who's humble, who's scholar and who's dumb. On the very first day, none of them looked appealing to me except one or two- but from opposite gender. Haha! 

            And now when I recall back to the day, I laugh at myself that how I made it sure that none of the boys are going to be a very good friend of mine and how I have ended up calling almost 6 of them for Night-out at my home. How much I admire Saquib. He is one person with whom I would like to keep terms till death though I keep blaming him for his no seriousness despite of having good skills in the practicality of the course we are in. Yusuf has been a good companion for the whole 3 years. Who knew that Prasad would land up in being with me for next 3 years in MCA too in a different college. :-) Gaurav Save is another guy who wants to try almost everything in life for which I adore him. Sohail Mulani still remains to be one person who can make me laugh. :-) Similarly, there has been many boys with whom I share a rapport that shall always remain respectable. Sohail Shaikh made me realize how important exercise is in our life. The most incredible guidance. 

             My first three years of College Days have been amazing. I have won so many events, participated in almost everyone of them, won the title of Mr. Fresher, hosted an induction programme for my juniors, danced in our first fest etc. Every time teacher said that there's a presentation, I used to be the most excited one in the class. And children knew that I loved giving presentation as I get to play myself in front of everyone. The applause that my friends always gave me remains to be one of the inspiring days of my life. I will always respect some of my Graduation friend forever for imbibing so much of confidence in me for trying almost everything. They always termed me more skillful than them even when they were good than me, undoubtedly. Whatever growth I have seen in my life from last 4 years is totally because of these people with whom I shared the same roof for 3 years. 

           Another wonderful part of Graduation days has been my teachers. Everyone blamed our HoD for strictness while I liked her ways of controlling the college. Yes, sometimes she was very strict but still, to maintain and give the college the name it deserves, only the leader can make it possible. My favorite teacher has been Nishat mam. She knew right from the first day that I am one of the naughtiest child of the class but yet she remained partial towards me. She made me stand in the classroom as punishment but always showed through her gestures that I am made for something different. She even commented on my 900th Blog Post recently. Respect! Another powerful personality who has been one of the sweetest teacher I ever had was Mr. Zaheer. Even he liked me and always made it sure that he solves my problem even when I am the one who has created it. :-) I have always been lucky that the teachers whom I consider as favorites sees me with the same intention that of mine. :-)

           In all, the 3 years of College Life in Graduation is a beautiful memoir that God has gifted me. Vandana and Prema are another two name who are going to be close to my heart always, no matter what. It's different thing if I don't interact much but still, once in a day I remember them. Without any one of them, I don't think there's much left in my Graduation as I used to have almost all the conversations with them. Companionship of the softer gender is always different than what you share with boys. Hence, I always respected both of them for considering me enough deserving to trust me for so many things undoubtedly. 

          The projects that I have been involved in the last semester and the problems I have faced while creating it, the amount of time I have spent in my College canteen with my friends making fun of each other is the most beautiful time I ever had, having McD's burger with these pals at Inorbit Mall, Vashi is another heavenly moment for me, the trip to Water Kingdom still makes me feel excited, the one at Matheran is substantially a witness to the real nature etc. Even today when I go to my college, there are so many people who identifies me. Even my juniors have given me the respect though I have not been a very wonderful senior. This attachment will always remain to be with me. The love that this College has given me has been worth remembering and I would always like my child to enter a college as such so that he gets beautiful experiences of life without much trouble in the consistency. :-) 



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